National Grievance panel decisions

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 705red, Mar 19, 2010.

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    what the hell does commitee hold mean?no combo cases heard,not many cases won it looks like to me,exept the 800 hours for sups working.Seems like all the cases are lost or deadlocked or referred back to the local level.theres a few "the company will comply with article blah blah blah".from what i see at my hub if you get fired and dont get your job back on the local level you dont get it back,didnt used to be that way.
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    wish i could say i'm suprissed, it's only been over 13+ months on alllll of ours down here.
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    Local 177 vs UPS appears to be a big time battle.
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    Maybe we should send our grievances to 177.
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    A lot of action over the river in NJ

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    My buddy got a nice $4k check. Cha ching. Still waiting on my breaks grievance to get resolved since june 09 though. It was supposed to go to national tied in w/ somone elses bigger one but havnt seen a thing on it at all.
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    proud member of 177
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    You guys clogged up the whole docket ! LOL
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    Sorry lol!!! But mgt makes it so easy of here this disregard everything
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    Hey; thanks a lot for this post. I'm hoping you can let us know when the minutes from the next National Panel become available. Very good info.

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    Doesn't look like they won anything, wonder how much of the members money was spent, on a florida trip, lodging, food, any extra activities, to come home with a response of " deadlocked" on about 80% of the grievances. How much it cost never seems to get posted.
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    what bldg u work out of?
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    It works both ways, how much did UPS spend on bringing the sups, managers on each grievance there only to have them deadlocked. A deadlock is not a loss for the union, a denied grievance is. A deadlock means the sides disagreed on the griveance and now the union has the option to arbitrate.
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    The one that has this:


    on the front.
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    +1 local 177 is bad ass
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    I had a BA say that he wanted some things to go all the way to arbitration, (apparently UPS will settle somethings outside the arbitrators). By getting a rulling from the arbitrator, it settles the issue once and for all. If the company acquieses outside the arbitrators and stops the process the company can later try the violations a second time.
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    Check this out, UPS was forcing emplooyees to work unsafely, so 177 took to the skies during a visit from UPS big shots. I dont see them laughing in this video.