NE Pension Fund in Critical and Declining Status for 2022-2023 Plan Year


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If you started young 40 or 45 years is a long time at this place
Thats a long time anywhere.
Started at 20 done at 56.


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I need to be educated on what this means. It looks like this has been going on for atleast a few years if not more because I saw the same message a few years ago. I know its not good news, but is it really that bad? I havent worked at UPS for about 6 years and I'm only 41 years old, so I'm still a long ways from collecting my pension. Based on this news, what concern should I have for being able to collect my pension in 20+ years?
Don't worry.
I've been drawing from a critical fund for 14 years. The money will always be there.
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