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    This is my story.
    I got a phone call from HR feb.14 for full time driver position. I am part timer in hub. I passed driving test and dot person said everything done and will call soon when driving school scheduled.
    But 2weeks later they call me I need to sign up 2nd QT bid and everything starting over. They just say my application still valid and will call later. My hub need 47 driver(hr said this). my number was 29 and after 2nd qt bidding end my number is 107. I thought i won a full time bid so they call me, but it wasnt.everything starting over and I bumped way back...what am I do?
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    Sounds like HR screwed up, which they often do. I would call your union hall and talk to the business agent for your hub, he'll probably have a better idea of what's going on than we would.
  3. Dragon

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    How many driver positions were posted for the bid? If they filled the bid and the driver or drivers gained seniority then they would have to post another bid for next jobs.

    They may need 47 drivers but I am sure they did not post a bid for 47 drivers. It will be more like 7 positions and the rest will be summer/peak hires.

    Good Luck!
  4. logmymind

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    It was Pt to Ft position .
    Full time driver for summer and peak? Not seasonal driver. It was full time driver they said to me.

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