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    Hello, I have been browsing around the forums without much success but imagine questions like this are pretty common. So I applied to a job posting for a part time package handler in Muncie, IN. I read the description and it had both times available for me to pick. Either 0300-0900 or 1500-2100. I picked the morning shift and after filling out the application it told me that there were not any available positions open for my preferred time slot. I tried to go back and change it because it really didn't matter when i worked. That part was confusing to me because why even give the option for that time if it is not available? My next question is my application is still pending. I applied for the position on 04/27/2013. Does the process take this long or are they just wanting applicants on file for an emergency if people quit? Any advice on the next step from here is appreciated!
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    It's summer time.

    Now, unless a lot of people quit for some reason, they tend to lay more people off due to a lack of volume going through centers.

    Not everywhere is the same, but down here usually summer is when people go bye bye.
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    Pm upstatenyupsr. He will know what to do.
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    Where I'm at, we do most of our hiring in the summer. For the next six weeks, and then again right before Labor Day, we're running maximum vacations.

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    I tried but it said he doesn't allow personal messages to be sent to him.
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    407 was being a smrt-ass.

    I turned off my PM function when I took my most recent break from the forum and have no desire to turn it back on.

    I would not be much help as I am not well-versed on the hiring process.
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    Lucky for you he doesn't, as the comment was sarcasm, but if you don't read these forums often enough, you wouldn't know that. IIRC, it asks you for your preferred shift, but you're considered for any shift, so that part shouldn't be a concern. Most likely, the building you're applying to is not hiring, or has selected referred candidates for the few positions it needed.

    If you're zealous over the job, you may wish to go to the building you're interested in (for the AM shift, after 10AM - for the PM shift, before 5PM), ask to speak with the sort manager and introduce yourself. At the worst, they won't speak to you, at the most you'll leave a favorable impression.
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    I might have missed this in the responses, but there's a lot of people applying because of the job market. So HR might just be working through the backlog of people who applied before you.
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    I was only doing it because I like you now. You're my boy now.
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    Sure, you kick me to the curb and now Upstate's your buddy...