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Uncle Rico

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When I saw UPS on my caller ID today, I almost browned my shorts. As a fluke, I sent a letter and resume a month ago to HR. Called the District HR manager (and got through) and he gave me some bs about turning everything over to one of his managers. I never thought I could be, much less would be, considered for an interview since I am a former UPSer.

This HR dude wants me to come in for an interview Tuesday. WTF?! For a Sales position! Yeah I'm going, and yes I want to work for UPS again even though I will get all the advice to go do something else.

Anyone know Sales people or Account execs? And yeah before I hear they don't do sh-t, everyone has their opinions, so refrain from the bs please. I told this HR dude that I left in '95 as part of the buyout and he said he knows and checked me out. They must be really hard up or it's time to bend their policies about former employees.

Give me anything you got because I am really not ready like I should be. What would some good inside information questions be to make it sound like I still keep up with UPS but notthrough UPS bashing websites? :confused:1 Thx.

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UPS has trouble keeping Sales people due to all the area they have to cover. You might be home two days out of the week because some BD/SR cover 3 to 4 centers.

You might want to do some reading up on the new PAS-EDD system. Becuase of this new program you will have LOTS and LOTS of customers that are very unhappy. Never the same driver, or delv time or nobody made our pick-up today.

You have worked for Brown before so just tell them what they want to hear. It's all BS anyway. If your breathing then they will hire you for sales.

Good Luck


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If they changed their policy on re-hires that should be a red flag. They are having a hard time getting and KEEPING people.


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Dearest Uncle

Most of the BS as you put it comes from your posts. So when you stop the BS........

As far as sales people go, there are some that do work hard, and many of those are stolen from us by other companies that pay more, have a larger expense account, company car........None of which UPS is prepared to offer.

Its kinda like the part time problem. If you paid them enough, they would come and stay. But when you have hundreds of places that pay better starting out, and many now are including bennies, you have to do something. But not UPS, they keep on with less than stellar performance so they can hire more part time sups to do hourly work.

The way I see it is you get what you pay for. And sales dont make crap for the hours put in.



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Speaking of other compaines paying more I got an email from a job hunting website about Fedex for a package handler job for $1.50 more an hour.... how tempting. . .but I won't leave (lI ike the health ins and all). But they do start out higher and I did not look at what benefits they offer.


with the right training and drive you can overcome any anxiesties you may have....use bs to your advantage, just tell them what they want to hear.

Famous line I used to always hear..Can you beat this rate?

Companys are looking to save money due to spiraling rates and fuel surcharges. they'll talk to anyone willing to save them money. Good Luck!


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UPS changed their policy due to the fact that is was a dumb one. There are times when people leave due to a buy out or they graduate college or have children and it is just not a good time in their life to stay at UPS but they are good employees. The Sales job is not for everyone and they do work very hard. The people who claim that they don't and they are leaving due to too big of territories, don't know the entire story. Like any job at UPS, this job is not an easy one but go for it and good luck.

Uncle Rico

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Most of the BS as you put it comes from your posts. So when you stop the BS........

Pot calling kettle black.:)

Everyone, thanks for your comments. Except for this quoted one which comes from left field considering I have only posted here 14 times. Dannyboy could do that in a matter of minutes. Glad I don't need to hear my own voice constantly, unlike others.


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Actually Jr, I was referring to your choice of language. Either a sign of improper upbringing or a desire to shock and impress. In either case......

Not something I would think desired in a sales rep for UPS.

So clean the "brown" out of your shorts, "WTF", you might do OK.:lol:

and yes I want to work for UPS again even though I will get all the advice to go do something else

There are a certain number of people that do not like their jobs at UPS, and the reasons they stay where they are unhappy are many and varied. But unhappy none the less. But there are many that even though the job is tough and things about it are less than desirable, they do at least like their job. Unfortunately, the former are also more vocal than many of the others. But then I did not see anyone post for you not to take the job.

There are many rules that UPS has abolished over the last 5-20 years. No part time employee can work for UPS unless they are full time in college, and when they graduate or quit, they must quit UPS or be fired was one. Not hiring relatives of current employees and re-hire of former employees is another. There are many reasons for an employee to leave for a while and then come back.

These rule changes are due to the shortage of highly motivated, well qualified people without criminal records.

I figure if they called you, they see potential that did not transmit well in your post.

Good luck



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there are several considerations that apply, with each contract differing I am sure.

First is the income that you earn. In ours there are limits to how much yo can earn while drawing your pension.

Then there is the "not employed by a contributing member of the fund" thing which would be my biggest concern. I dont think that as a UPS retiree you could if that part is in your contract.

Outside of that, I would not see any problems.



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danny:I was assuming these were company jobs, not union jobs. They always were before when I was working at UPS.


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ups79 said:
as a union retiree, receiving a pension from the union, could I apply and work as a sales person.

From what I understand from a recent CS Pension meeting I attended, you couldn't do this. The IBT has loosened up some of the re-employment restrictions though.


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Sales are company jobs. And the thought is the same as if you are a driver and go into management. The company and the union will get together and decide the pension you will get from each of them.

You can not retire from UPS as a driver and draw your pension and also work for UPS in a "management" position and draw a paycheck from them.

That is the way it was explained to me, and from what I have read in the retirement agreements.

Funny, the way it is written, you could get a sales job at FEDEX without a problem, but the same job at UPS would be forbidden.