Nevada Dem Debate 2020

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Slamming Mike about his tax returns, lol.
Mini rapist vs Orange rapist.


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There was an SNL skit in the 70’s or early 80’s...’

‘The Waltons Eat Their Young’.

I’m watching it live on MSNBC.

Non sequitur

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It's not going to be funny when the presidential debating start. Seasoned politicians are nothing to laugh about. Hopefully we stay the course president Trump has laid out.


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I think Mike would do great in a debate with Orange Julius, but here, he just comes off like a choad.

Mike’s gonna need a couple phone books to stand on...

(For the youth, ‘phone books’ were pre-internet advertisements coupled with lists of every land-line telephone number in a particular municipality, in alphabetical NYC, the phone book was four inches tall).