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  1. New Englander

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    Though Brown has moved on.

    I'm a bit sad, that had a bunch of good reads on it.
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  3. scratch

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    He is closing it down and just putting it in reruns. George just retired, sorry to see him end his writings. I have always enjoyed his stories and the pics he came up with.
  4. New Englander

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    It was an enjoyable site. Plenty of work was put into it.
  5. I too visit this site alot. His PAS articles really resonate with me because I've thought many of the same things at one time or another and because I'm on preload so we use it haha. Its too bad, he has a great sense of humor and logic. It will be missed
  6. NoStress

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    Yes DenverBrown was very well done. i'm putting something like it together here, in the new england states....coming soon
  7. DS

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    Its a great site,you make it sound like he's closing it down,is this true?
    maybe cheryl should incorporate it.
    I heard he's retiring.
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  8. New Englander

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    He's retiring from UPS and with his retirement. The retirement of Brown. No more new monthly installments.
  9. rod

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    why don't he do a Brown retired thing----it would be great:peaceful:
  10. Covemastah

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    That was a great site,and if that is your picture,you guttah hang it up too!!! ha ha ha:happy2::happy2::happy2: