"New Best Contract Ever By Hoffa" !!!!!!!!!


Hey Guys and Gals we just got a news flash about the 'New Best Contract Ever By Hoffa" for 2008 !

1. Every friday night you will get 200 greasy chichen wings and soda`s
2. We will buy your socks 2x`s a year = 2/6 packs.
3. We will reduce your work day once a week to 9.5 hours :thumbup1:
4. Bonus is taken away since you can`t get it anyway so just enjoy
the overtime anyhow !
5. We are going to start washing your vehicles again so you don`t look like a bunch of slobs an have the cleaning crew throw out your taco bell and burger king wrappers on the dash since you can`t !
6. We are going to get the ability to transfer to another state if you like but there will be stipulations? No details like usual !
7. Best of all the insurance will be reduced to try to save your pension but then again we have to cover all the teamster brothers that companies went under since the government won`t help us anymore. Bad government.
8. Good thing the company is still solvent so you can continue to work untill you can`t then you can try to get disability !
9. New contract will be for 10 years and the pay increase will be .25 cents a year. Inflation will take care of that so the overtime will come in real handy !
10. The pension will be getting better when the package drivers only make 5-6 years and the pension has been acrueing. That way are teamster brothers who worked for the now defunct trucking companies can still continue to collect our pension benifits.

There ya have it - things to look forward with Mr. Jim Hoffa working on an early contract offer - I say lets go for it cause its fair to say that Jim Hoffa wouldn`t steer us wrong ! :thumbup1: Comon Brett lets start a cheer buddy !