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Yeah, that cleared it all up for me. :crying: It's times like these when I realize how computer illiterate I really am. When I read your reply, Cheryl, it was like reading a foreign language for me. Thanks anyway.

Whenever I have to talk to a tech. over any problem, I always preface the conversation with, "Pretend you are talking to a kindergartner...."

It's hard straddling the fence between lo-tech & hi-tech. How lucky the kids of today are to be brought up with these marvelous machines.

Left behind, but still plugging away.......moreluck:)


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i`m just glad More ask the questions before me, I`m as good as her in the techno world, in my world it`s easier going: "quoi, what is furl? "


I started this.
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You know how you bookmark websites you want to visit again? Most browsers store these bookmarks in a favorites folder.

Social bookmarking websites are services that make lists of bookmarks that individuals have added to a personal online favorites lists available for other people to search from one big database.

It's just another way to sort internet information...

It's really not very complicated, my previously posted explanation really wasn't very clear. They are big searchable databases of links that have been recommended by other users.