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  1. Scotsman

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    Just when you get used to one version, they go and change them... again.

    What tips or techniques do you use on the new notes?

    Before the change from the long form, with the customer sig on the front, I grabbed a handful so I would'nt have to figure out how to work the new ones. I like not having to peel them off and write on the back, they curl up, stick to your hand, blah blah blah...

    I'm running low and will soon have change over. My tip was for pkgs that required signature (wine/HV pkgs) ... circle "in person", draw a squiggley line through the release sentence, and write "to pick-up/re-route" with a arrow to the 800# in the customer comment/signature space.

    I seemed to get more will calls and re-routes than just x-ing the boxes.

    Now the customer has to read the novel on the back (which most don't), which leads to them signing the damn thing anyway, or the classic handwritten plea to leave the wine/HV.

    center manager said something about drawing an arrow to the right edge, pointing to the back, then use a magnifying glass to read the English translation.

    What tips do you use?

    (as a smart ass remark during PCM, I asked center manager "since these notes are printed in Spanish... can we write all the info in Spanish?") :laughing:
  2. InTheRed

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    Yeah I noticed that change again. Much better than the dual language one (the spanish one was too tall, didnt' fell right in my pocket). I miss the "in person" part that I could circle.
  3. trplnkl

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    In the area I live in, you NEED the dual language notices.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have had the dual language info notices for a while and it is funny because we are about 1/2 hour away from Canada yet we are using English/Spanish info notices. The only people who speak Spanish around here don't normally receive pkgs as they are serving time in one of our local correctional facilities.

    I do not like send agains so I write as much as I can on the notice so that the customer has several options. This includes our local number and my personal cell phone number. The latter works well, saves me from having a send again and the customer gets their pkg. Last Friday I had a sig req from the previous day (that section had been pulled on an add/cut ) so I left my cell on the info, customer called, and I went back and got rid of the pkg. Turns out it was a camera from Best Buy that she needed for a wedding shower the following day.
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    I hate the signature required box which really means sign the notice. And the sender requested signature is not always accurate when you can't accept a SDN and need a sig. but the sender did not request it. :knockedout:

    I do like it's back to normal size instead of the one's twice as big as the shirt pocket.