New Driver Helper quick questions!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by movingincircles, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. movingincircles

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    I've just scheduled for a wednesday interview.

    First question:
    What questions are they going to ask me? I have a hard time coming up answers right on the spot
    What do I wear to the interview?

    How much do I get paid? Are they going to ask me? How much should I say?

    Can I wear my usual nike shoes during the job (those are ultra comfortable!)? I only have nike shoes and one pair of dress shoes

    About the uniform, it's going to be cold, and I want to wear at least something that covers most of my skin. Is the uniform long sleeve (or do I get a jacket?)? Are the pants long as well?

    During the job, is it hard to use the electronic thingy for people to sign? I'm generally a quick learner, but when a problem arises, I panic!

    What are the hours like? I am going to be off from school this whole month, so I want to work as long as possible (12 hours possible? or is that illegal?). Need cash!

    Also, I only have three weeks to work (probably up until the day before christmas eve). Do you think they would hire me for only three weeks?

    What happens if I need to go to the restroom during the job?

    Is the job more cardial vascular or more muscle oriented?

  2. movingincircles

    movingincircles New Member

    oh yeah and another thing

    am I going to use a trolley?
  3. aspenleaf

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  4. movingincircles

    movingincircles New Member

    wow thanks for the reply. I feel much better now (was a bit shaky of taking this job)!
  5. aspenleaf

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    Just know you will work hard. I am a preloader and have not done the helper job. One of the guys I preload with is also a helper so the info I gave you is from him with a few exceptions. Goodluck oh and really you need to respect your driver (they work hard all year long). I was joking about blaming them (however they do get blamed for a lot of stuff). If you are going to be a helper be a good one. I am sure the drivers on this board can tell you what they like in a helper.
  6. movingincircles

    movingincircles New Member

    yeah, I am a hard worker (effort wise), as long as I understand what to do and as long as my muscles don't die out on me.
  7. BigBrownBear

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    Thanks for the info aspen! Actually answered some of the questions I had myself. I've been browsing around for a while and actually tried my hand at preload back in May. That didn't work out so hot, but I just wanted to come back to UPS! (call me crazy.) I start driver helper tomorrow :thumbup1:
  8. SmithBarney

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    Remember you will work hard, it will also feel like the driver is abusing you,
    but he/she isn't, they'll will be working as hard if not harder than you, delivering, and planning your next move, so they are in reality planning your day and their day...