New Economy Role Stiffens UPS Strike Talk

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by anonymous, May 25, 2002.

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    Labor hours or management hours, the relevant issue is that the bonus is intended to compensate management employees for hours worked above what they would normally work. Your comment about the bonus being related to production numbers is completely wrong. Hourly employees do not get a bonus because they are not required to work hours without pay. Your comments concerning the bonus were agitated and inflammatory, and did not reflect even a suggestion of knowledge concerning the issue.
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    St. you're often dead on the money but I have to disagree with you on this one to some degree. MIP is absolutely related to company success and consequently individual achievement. The half month has always been mentioned with the extra effort and time required for a successful peak but since MIP requires being reccomended, and many have not received it in a particular year, then I would have to say that their ratings in production elements are considered. Just my opinion
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    Hey, St. forget my entire previous message. I am still having trouble with Cheryl's new format. My fault, not hers. I failed to follow the thread back far enough to know what the issue was. Sorry
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    I'd go for MIP being based, at least in part, on measured performance. However, the half-month cash has never been tied per any performance measure for anyone out here. This is particularly the case for part-time supervisors, who are not part of MIP.
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    Thanks for the posts backing up what I have been trying to say about the management bonuses. They can be performance based - I have heard of sups losing them due to problems with their work.

    There have been some excellent points made about management pay per hour vs drivers pay per hour. Maybe sitting in an office for those extra hours isn't as hard as delivering, but they do that after getting off the car on a day long OJS while we go home to our families. That is why I'm not in management.

    If any of my posts have seemd to be anti-union, I'm not. I'm just tired of the Teamsters making every contract negotiation a media circus while UPS remains silent, which is what they "agree" with the Teamsters to do every contract year. Now I hear Teamster reps will be at our centers trying to get us to sign petitions next week...calling it a "Day of Action." Petitions for what? Another fine example of the Teamsters trying to get media attention, which will scare more customers away.

    We don't need a "Day of Action", we need a handshake agreement with UPS that we can vote on.

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    Proups, Great post. Most sensible article I have read concerning these negotiations. The teamsters keep trying to chase more customers away with all their rhetoric and rah rah weekend meetings, and the loseres will the the teamster employees who no longer have jobs when the volume disappears. Forget all the meetings and sign a contract that is fair to both the company and employees. Thanks again for a great post that got my vote.
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    i would like to revisit 1997 my wife held two partime jobs getting time and half over five hours getting 10,000 dollars a year in car milage. we lost milage and 25 hours pay for two months never got milage back. we almost lost everything. she says she will not strike again. all teamsters are doing is giving fedex more business.