UPS’s 11,000 Freight Drivers to Vote on New Deal to Avoid Strike

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    UPS’s 11,000 Freight Drivers to Vote on New Deal to Avoid Strike - Bloomberg

    United Parcel Service Inc.’s unionized freight drivers will vote next month on a final contract deal from the company after they spurned an earlier offer and raised the risk of a labor disruption.

    A second rejection would force a strike of about 11,000 workers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said in a statement on its website. The freight drivers, who are separate from UPS’s larger group of parcel workers, will vote on the “last, best and final” contract proposal on Nov. 9 to Nov. 11, the union said. An extension to the current labor agreement ends on Nov. 12.

    “While a strike is a last resort, if you reject this final offer from the company there will be no other options,” the Teamsters said in the statement. “While the national negotiating committee makes no recommendation for or against this offer, we have agreed to forward it to you for your acceptance or rejection as the consequences of this decision are yours alone to make.”
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    Looks like the world famous strike bunker is back in’s go time