New Employee in The Southwest needs help!

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    New airport employee in the southwest. Been here a few weeks. So I finally got a job with Fedex. Now what?

    So far, Its not that bad. The whole hiring process wasnt bad. I applied online, a few days later had a phone interview, followed by a background check. Then a f2f meeting then fingerprinting.

    Again so far.... Its not THAT bad. Fedex payed for my shoes ($100). Did you know we get flight beneifits? ID90 (zed) fare, but thats a whole hell of a lot better than paying full fare. We pay 50 bucks round trip on Jetblue. (100 bucks to JFK!) I think its the same on Southwest. We get 80% off shipping rates. So... Its not that bad. Insurance, is payed via the wife so could give two :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:zs about that. The pay... Well the pay does hurt. But compared to other airline companies its not too bad.

    Southwest about $9 bucks (approx)
    Usairways about $9.45 (approx) (NO OT)
    Delta $10.80 (approx) (Dont forget they cap you on 20/hours a week. NO OT)
    UPS $8.50
    Piedmont $7.50

    So a few questions...

    I mean where do I go now? I sure as hell aint gonna be throwing boxes like this for very much longer. What about advancement? I want to get outside to the ramp. Whats the quickest way out there? What about TL or DG agent. What about going FULL time?


    PS. I was orginally hired by UPS but decided to come to Fedex instead.
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    You'll need to keep an eye on JCATS (FedEx internal job listings). It may be a while before you can be a courier or even go FT. But, you might get lucky and it can happen sooner than you think.
    Can't wait to see the responses to this one.......
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    Sorry but you're gonna have to wait at least a year before you can transfer.

    Why would you want to become a DG agent anyway? I don't think it pays any more and besides if you make a mistake it's just another tool of their's to hang you with.
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    Run Forrest!!, Run!!!! (Seriously, get the Hell out)
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    Honestly? Shoot for a full time handler spot, same trinketized benefits as any full timer, but a lot less headaches in the long run.