New employee, When/how do I get the info for my atm pay account

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cannonrush, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Instead of choosing direct deposit I chose the ATM account thing on the HR website. I have yet to hear anything about it or receive mail about it. Its been maybe 2 weeks into my job. Any info or advice?

    I am eventually going to call HR and ask, but I rather not call them.
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    It would be totally stupid to call the people that know for sure and makes way more sense to ask a bunch of strangers that may or may not know for sure.

    Good talk.
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    I see the mods have been busy tonight:-)
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    Go open a bank account of account at a credit union due not get one of those cards. They are going to charge you to use it.....
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    If you are "unbankable" where you're flagged in the Chex system which banks check before opening an account, I suggest opening a Serve account. You can have your check direct deposited, use an ATM, pay bills from it, use it anywhere AMEX is accepted, among other things. You won't be required to fill out a credit check and it's free to use. Blue Bird is one of the more popular versions of the Serve accounts, which is available at Walmart.
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    And when you eventually call HR so that you can have access to your money, let us know what the account number and PIN is.
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