New kid in town


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How's it going all you Brown Cafe members?

I'm new to the community, obviously, and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Chris Suyeda and I am twenty years old.

Recently, there have been a few UPS positions open for grabs. Being a huge forum buff, I thought I'd search for a UPS dedicated forum -- and not to my surprise, there is one!

Any tips, suggestions, "no-no's" you can offer to me would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to get to know all of you a little better as time goes on. And I hopefully because a fellow UPS-er.

Take care!


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Welcome Suyeda.

What kinda job you want at UPS? There's lots o things to do. You'll find lots o good and some bad advice here. As far as "no-nos", you'll have to get more specific in you job search description.

You'll see a lot of pros and cons on here for every position UPS has. You'll just have to weigh if it fits your profile, your work ethic, your goals.

It's provided a good living for me. I've done just about everything here, unload, load, swept floors, package car, car wash, feeders and I gripe a lot but, by and large, it's been a good living.

One word of advice I WILL give is this: Always be honest, in your interviews, your hiring, your work. Work hard and do your job the best you or anybody else can do. Work exactly according to the way you are taught, here, we and they call that "working as directed". You can never go wrong! (I guess this is more than just "one word of advice", hun?).

Let us know what happens and watch out for other advisors on here!!!!!!