1. W

    Hourly to management seniority

    Does anyone know how seniority works if you go from hourly to management? If I’ve been on preload for 10 years and then decide to go into management, do I go in on the bottom of the seniority list because I’ve never been in management? Do I get to keep my seniority above another supervisor who’s...
  2. Proud To Be A Scab

    Steward protecting drunk

    So...there's a drunk on the preload. Wreaks of alcohol. Carries a flask. Has a hard time seeing package labels. Nearly runs over employees in the parking lot while coming into work. Boasts about his alcoholism. Admits to being under the influence of alcohol and cannabis while on the clock. etc...
  3. E

    On-road Supervisor Verbally Abusive From A Managers Perspective

    Don't know how many supervisors/managers are on this forum, but I need some advice and thought I'd give this forum a shot. I was hired as a pt pkg dispatch supervisor and have currently been in this position for the last 4 months. I previously worked in the air bldg as a union employee and had...
  4. T

    Human Resource and Management Neglect

    I started a week ago and I was suppose to be paid this Friday for last week and system didn't show a live check in process nor direct deposit. Management said glitch but how can their be a glitch for some and not for others. It was simply sheer negligence due to employees being seasonal. IT IS...
  5. T


    I’m an unloader/worked there for 3 months So, this happened Last Friday: I was unloading (I’m a part timer with seniority) and near the end of my shift, I felt discomfort in my wrist. I told FT supervisor and he told me to talk to safety. I told them that this was on the clock and that i had...
  6. N

    Unsure how to handle this or if I should

    im a yard walker in OK and I get to work do the usual and print off my yard walks well before I get to exit the office door my sup was like some driver from NJ broke down and left his trailer with 80% load in it on yard and we gotta offload it to another working trailer. So she and I and 1 other...
  7. S

    Unloading Solo

    Hey everyone! Been with the brown for a few years now and only just found out about this AWESOME place. How cool So I work in a small mountain town hub in the Rockies...6 preloaders, 2 unloaders, 2 scanners and 4 part time sups. Due to how well ups treats their part timers....we turn and burn...
  8. S

    Back pay

    How long should I wait for a retro check? I was flipped from TCD to ft packages and after my first week ft my pay rate went from $30.77 TCD RATE to $18.75. HR is to blame because they put my ft seniority date before my seniority date as a cover driver. I notified HR and my center manager about...
  9. Y

    In a bad situation at the job. Need some help

    So I'll just get right to it. They said I'm getting a third warning letter and a 3 day suspension (rightfully so I'll say) but after they told me a couple days passed and they never did. Right after that whole fiasco happened I had some huge family problems and I haven't been to work in a week...
  10. UPSHopeful

    Looking to start a new career, is this the right place?

    So I know this site is pretty anti management which is fine, I'm mainly interested in management because I've had a little experience with it, and enjoy helping and teaching others. I'm going into my mid 20s and looking for a career, I want to be able to make enough to provide a nice life for...
  11. cheryl

    So You've Been Promoted, Now What?

    So You've Been Promoted, Now What? - Forbes I started my career at UPS and worked there for many years. Back then, they had a big promote-from-within culture (and they still do). One day, I was a driver. The next day, I walked in wearing a suit and tie. My first operations assignment was...
  12. O

    PT Sup back to Package Handler

    Here's my story: I did a year of preload and was offered the Local Sort sup position. I took it to expand my resume and make some more money. I've been the LS sup for 2.5 years now and I've almost completed my degree. I'm thinking about starting my own business, but I was wondering if anyone...
  13. T

    New PT Supe being harassed by Shop Steward, what can I do ?

    I’m new on the forum and UPS. Im going to try and be as thorough/short as possible. So I’ve been with the company a little over 2 months. One month as a pre-loader, the other month and a half as PT supe. So sometime during my first week as PT supe a steward at my hub went around secretly (not...
  14. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    [THE OFFICIAL!!!] Management Bashing Forum. On Topic

    You wanted it, you got it. I'm one of them so it's okay if I post this. I hate my coworkers, please tell me there's worse people out there in management?
  15. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    READ THIS before joining management!

    So, you've been told you should look into being a supervisor, huh? That you're doing SUCH a good job, they want to promote you? You'll make more money, get more hours, health insurance, AND you won't have to load trucks anymore? I bet you're still in your 30 days,or you just qualified, so more...
  16. unloady

    Holiday pay

    Hey guys. So I used a paid sick day last friday. Called in one hour before start time. Just looked at my time card and it says for monday (memoirial day) that I did not recieve pay for that day. Heard from the older guys that you have to clock in the previous scheduled working day to recieve...
  17. W

    30 day position policy?

    Hey everyone, new user here. I wanted to ask if anyone knows about a 30 day policy I've heard about. I got put in a new position (designated responder, yeah) that I initially agreed to, but it's been about 3 weeks in terms of work days, and I hate it. Some old dogs mentioned that if I let...
  18. Brandon5658

    Preload to Small Sort/Load/Unload.

    Update time: My full time supervisor told me he'd let me have the opportunity to switch from Preload to Sort/Unload/Loading Trailers. Loading is a bit weird for me but I'll get used to it. Unload and sort are cake. Where can I go from here though? Pt sort supervisor? What are my options for...
  19. john chesney


    I know the policy on men being cleanly shaved but I don’t remember it mentioning your face. I noticed I was growing a 70’s bush yesterday and felt this needed shaved so I took care of this instead of my face. It’s nice to have all your retirement hours in because this will be my answer to management
  20. Protein Fart

    Is there really a possibility of a strike?

    If so why? I mean I understand this place sucks and everyone is overworked constantly but is there anything in particular that we are going to strike about? I don't understand what's different now than any other time I've worked here the past nearly 4 years