New Stanton Casual Feeder Driver questions

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    New Stanton Casual Feeder Driver

    My brother in law applied for and had a meeting with the HR rep at the New Stanton, PA Facility concerning the Casual Feeder position. He has a ton of experience and worked as a trainer for the local tractor-trailer driving school in the area. So he’s well qualified for the position.

    [FONT=&quot]HR couldn’t answer how long a typical driver is casual in the New Stanton Facility. Is there any employees or mgmt that know how long it takes to move from casual to fulltime feeder driver there?[/FONT]
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    That's probably best answered by the Local union. He would be the 1 outside hire allowed after UPS has filled (or tried to fill) 6 other feeder jobs from within the company (current bargaining unit members).
    By the way, knowing UPS, they'll tell him everything he's doing is wrong (even though he's right), and insist on teaching him what he already knows.:lol:
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    He would be working as a Casual driver.. which means no benefits, and he only gets work 8 months out of the year. I think he works nov dec, and then april- sept. starting pay is around $15 an hour with OT after 8 hours.
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    I suspect he would then work "full-time" 6-8 weeks in nov.-dec., then work sporadically apr.-sept. to cover vacations, no guarantees. Such is the life of a casual, no?
    Again, for a more realistic answer than he'll get from UPS, he needs to talk to the local union's Business Agent for that barn. He/she will have the seniority lists of current employees trying to get into feeders, and probably has some idea of how many are nearing retirement or otherwise leaving feeders, and if UPS is looking to add more permanent feeder jobs.
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    Are times a changing? Used to be UPS would never hire anyone with tractor-trailer experience. They always wanted fresh meat to mold their way.
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    Exactly opposite ROD. They want off the street! They may get 1 out of 5 off the feeder list to make it. The job sounds good until you get a call Sunday night to start at 2100. And on call is what everyone is when they start. You may have 20 yrs and be on call a couple more. Taking an experienced driver off the street at bottom dollor and not wasting supervisor/trainer time is common sense. And for the original post, a casual will come back when feeder jobs are projected the next year and the posted "feeder qualification" positions are not filled. Usually around Sept/oct.
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    I called the local union office for that facility and got all the information I needed. The highest senority driver on the casual list is 5 years and hoping to make it to fulltime this year.

    Its 8 months of work, with 4 months off. I gave the # to my brother in law so he can call and ask more questions, or better yet stop by and talk to the business agent in person.

    He's going to ask if there if its possible to get promoted from the casual list to mgmt (trainer). He'll ask the HR rep that question.
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    I work out of NS and you are correct on the 8/4 schedule, they have approx 5 'preferred' casuals on the list that have been there for more then 2 yrs and awaiting to become fulltime. They also have had a huge amount of people come from the inside to feeders and in turn slotted the top 'preferred' casuals in according to the 6:1 ratio.

    They are hurting big time to get casuals for peak season so your brother in law will no doubt be hired. now whether or not he wants to put the time in and wait to become an actual full timer that will be his choice. As mentioned above, they have no benefits of any kind unless you like getting reamed. They honestly got ya and they know it so their going to take advantage of you, making you do whatever work is available, but in the end it just may pay off!

    Have an accident while being a casual, even just a lil scrape, your gone. like i said no benefits. There was a 'preferred' casual there for 6 yrs and had a accident last year, they fired him. no remorse, so make sure you tell him what he's getting into.
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    Don't believe what HR tells you. Or what your "interviewer" tells you.
    They say you will drive a truck but this mean you will be a shifter, driving around the yard in a brokendown vehicle chasing your tail for peanuts. Look elsewhere.
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