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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by GoneBrown, Apr 14, 2012.

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    I've been loading now for five months. I'm one of the new hires that came in after smart scanning was implemented, so there is no real need to read. I'm told to just scan and load, but curiosity and the desire to fully understand my work environment is part of my work ethic so I found myself wanting to know the sort.

    Two and half days ago I got my chance. Apparently, my hub needs more sorters, because a lot of people are refusing to do the job. When I was asked if I was interested I immediately said yes.

    Holy cow! What a rush!

    I'm trying to memorize the sort as fast as I can. I've even made a ton of flash cards on my iPhone to help speed things up. I feel like I need to become a pro quick, because the last two days I've noticed that I was left alone and given my own doors to sort. I thought I would be fully trained with a sup and work on blow by, but I was wrong. I was given an hour or so of training one day and then the following two days I was left there with my cheat sheet. I feel bad for the sorters behind me, because when I'm stumped I have to stop and glance at my sort sheet to find out where to put my next package. It doesn't take me long to find out, but that small amount of time is enough to let through quite a bit of blow by.

    I'm curious to find out how long it took other folks to memorize everything. States and in state zips aren't too bad, but the splits, for say... Georgia, are nuts. It won't take me too long to have it all down, but right now it seems a little overwhelming. I'm excited to learn another position in the hub though. I just can't wait until I'm able to stand up there like all the other pros.

    Lastly, tonight I was needed back on the load lines. In the past I would scan a bad package and just walk it out of the trailer. This time I found myself knowing where the package should have gone. Pretty cool.
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    3 weeks you should have it mastered , start with all the other states except your home state , then move to learning your home state . Learn your home state by what main interstates or highways run that way and the packages that would go along those roads , north soth east and west , was how I did it 20 years ago in Nashville .
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    GoneBrown-remember this. If you do the job for 30 days out of 90, you get the $1 raise.
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    Shouldn't take long I'm a slow reader but was one of the top sorters in our center. One day it will just click.
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    I am a loader but I sorted this Friday because my set wasn't running that day. Sorting is probably the easiest, you don't get stressed at all. You can even take your time sorting all the

    I was a little bit confused during the first 10 minutes but after that, I started keeping up with the guys there. I don't know but for some reason, I'd rather do loading.