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  1. IJustWorkHere

    2023 Contract

    I voted last contact only to see them force this new crap 💩 on us that we didn’t want. 2023 contract won’t be any different. Part timers are over looked . Get ready to be dick ed 🍆 again . We have a union that isn’t really about us . I don’t expect to see many positive changes . I’m preparing...
  2. D

    Is it normal for recently hired part time workers to work only 3 hours

    I was recently hired as a part time unloader and it has only been two weeks since I started working. I was hired along side 4 other guys and a few of us get sent home early almost everyday. I know that the union guarantees at least 3 and a half hours of work each day but most of the time some of...
  3. PackageGhoul

    Position bidding and Seniority.

    Teamsters Local 52 here. I had an interesting discussion with a few UPSers regarding bidding on available positions and requesting to take on a second shift position in order to become a "full-time" worker. After speaking with a few supervisors and receiving conflicting information I have...
  4. T

    Will I get a pension for working part time?

    Hello there UPSers! I started at UPS this past May 2020 and I have a important question, while I looked over the contract and saw as a part time you get so much credits of service for hours worked and it talks about a pension I was wondering if I would get a pension from UPS/the union? Here...
  5. M

    Part time cover

    is this year round work or laid off after Santa comes to town? Do you really have a shot to go full time or is it another smoke show from HR, to cover routes and train me up bf the storm comes in November
  6. A

    Part time supervisor Priority

    I am being strong armed to move to a different hub. I have been there longer than a few other sups. Do we work by seniority? If so can anyone show me in the direction of the actual bylaw in the UPS handbook?
  7. L

    Full Time Driver Disqualification

    sup guys, I got the chance to go full time. Never did any air or temp so it was all new. I was under everyday my supervisor was in the truck and also 8 days on my own. I was told on my 28th day that I was DQ bc I worked through my lunch two times. I was told I wasn’t going to get a chance to get...
  8. PTPunchingBag

    What is the Twilight shift like?

    My building is too small for a twilight shift. We only have preload and the metro. Is the twilight shift similar to the metro? Loading trailers, filling bags etc.?
  9. 1-800-CRYING

    Is signing for a SALT a serious demeanor? (PT Loader)

    (In case you don't want to read the long paragraph) In Short: Is signing a Service Test for a misloaded SALT normal? I have a hard time with confronting authority figures but in the future should I try to avoid signing, can refusing get me fired? Or is it not serious enough to begin with and...
  10. S

    new to this, new to here...

    I just transferred to 483 here in south Idaho. Things are a little different here. I'm aware that my center seniority goes to bottom, but I cant get over the part where I keep being told my "company seniority" starts over again for purposes of bumping part timers. I was told this is covered...
  11. C

    Transferring part timer question.

    Is there any way to find out what hours a shift runs from at a different hub? I’m moving this summer to Boise, ID or Salt Lake City, UT to finish school. I would like to see what each hubs preload schedule is like to help make the decision.
  12. W

    UPS hands stockholders $700 million as workers face poverty wages

    Today the World Socialist Web Site published an article exposing UPS dividend payouts of more than $700 million to shareholders last Thursday. The same day, the Teamsters union met in Chicago, Illinois to endorse new contracts for UPS workers that would enforce poverty-level wages and introduce...
  13. L

    PT Union Pension Division During Divorce

    I am currently in the beginning phases of my divorce, and I need advice on how my pension will be determined by the courts. I was PT Union for nine years. I left UPS long before I was married, however, the state I was married in is an equitable division state, thus meaning my pension is...
  14. ArmyVet88

    Army vet needs advice

    So I served 10 years in the military and decided I didnt want to subject myself and family to 10 more. I started working at UPS as a seasonal personal vehicle driver and got hired as pre load/utility after peak. They are offering me a PT supervisor position with the promice of getting hired on...
  15. El Correcto

    College and Full time driving?

    Is it possible and does Ups offer any leave time/school compensation?
  16. B


    (Part-Time Dock Worker) Hello everyone, new here and also first post. I recently got hired at ups (first day was Monday got there to realize they scheduled me by mistake and was actually closed) So, today makes my second night. -I want to make a career out of this. I would like any advice to...
  17. Brandon5658

    Preload to Small Sort/Load/Unload.

    Update time: My full time supervisor told me he'd let me have the opportunity to switch from Preload to Sort/Unload/Loading Trailers. Loading is a bit weird for me but I'll get used to it. Unload and sort are cake. Where can I go from here though? Pt sort supervisor? What are my options for...
  18. B

    Will UPS ever rework their non rehire policies?

    I know it's a topic that comes up a lot, but how many people are fired because of an :censored: of a full-time sup didn't like a guy and whacked him on their last day of probation (like in my case) or they got fired only to have success at places like Amazon or Fedex who are a lot stricter imo...
  19. IESucks

    Hope IE has to run routes when we strike

    It would be great if IE had to run routes when the strike comes to fully appreciate their planning.Ill wave when you come in about 10 pm and watch your faces when you arrive the next morning to do it again.
  20. Ya Dad

    Pay drop when moving from one FT position to another

    Can you find any language in the National Master that says if you made progression as a Bid Air Driver (part-time), move on to Combo Inside/Inside and get red-circled on your top air rate, then within 2 years go into Feeders, your pay drops down to starting Feeder rate? If so, guess that's on...