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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by notlim, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. eastlos

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    this is my first post and I have questions about what the process of going driving is. I've been a loader for 2 years and the hub I work at only deals with feeders, we don't deal with package cars so I'm already at a disadvantage once and if I ever get called to go driving. I'm just wondering what the process is from day one of being called.
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    WElcome to the board, and I dont know this scenario, but Im sure others will.
  3. maybrown

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    I started working as a loader like you. Make sure you sign up for a driver waiting list. I was lucky because It just took me 13 months to become a p/t driver.
  4. 1989

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    Sign up on every job list...You can always turn it down later if your name comes up.
  5. upsman415

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    To make the process faster drive
    Saturday air. And by the time you become a full time driver you dont have to wait a certain amout of years to hit top rate. And advantage is you can drive the big brown trucks. Good luck..
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    Also, the experience you will get is great! So when you do go from Saturday air driver to regular package car driver you will be more accustom to driving the truck and the delivery experance... after awhile you"ll say been there dun that.
  7. feeder53

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    Welcome to the BC. I would put my name on the list and let them guide me to where they need me. I started out as a seasonal Feeder driver and I already had a CDL and over 28 years of driving so it was not much of an issue until they take the road test for the first time and they tell you the UPS way. After a road test and a few written tests it was driving with a sup for 5 days to show you have learned the UPS way and then they cut me loose. they told me If I go full time I will have to go to their school.
  8. Baba gounj

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    Yes sign up on every list you see.
    Yes Work Sat Air; learn the DIAD, learn other routes, the more you know & prove to mgt that you will gladly overwork yourself the quicker they will notice you.
    Some Sat Air drivers for PEAK are offered regular routes. That can make quite a difference when going full time.