New website for "Reach" vehicle used as sales pitch

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  2. bbsam

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    A bit pricey.
  3. MrFedEx

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    bbsam would probably know this, but this looks like an Isuzu model that has already been out for awhile. I guess FedEx wants the good PR because it's a "clean" macine.
  4. bbsam

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    Been out but I haven't seen any on road.
  5. gman042

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  6. MrFedEx

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    Probably like you said...too expensive.
  7. SmithBarney

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    Imagine that the insane "price includes delivery anywhere in the country" wonder if it includes a "Reach a-round" too?
  8. STFXG

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    New website for "Reach" vehicle used as sales pitch

    Not too expensive. Around 18mpg and a drivetrain pretty much guaranteed to hit at least 300k miles with no problems. Over 90 percent tested well beyond that mark. I can't remember all the exact numbers and don't really care to research it again. Apologies. But the Isuzu reach is a great vehicle. There's a reason isuzu diesels are #1 in the world. I will probably be buying one within the next couple years. Unless something better comes out...


    Someone has to pay for the fancy web page
  10. HomeDelivery

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    local contractors agree... they're going with ford gasser engines E450 with utilimaster stepvan bodies for 1/3 the price ~ brand new

    some of them doesn't want diesel engines anymore <shrugs>
  11. User Name

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    I don't know why you guys mention the 18 mpg, because in my area the drivers leave the truck run all day. Seems if it was that important the drivers would start by turning off the current vehicle to conserve fuel. JMO
  12. Grounded

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    I personally like them(good size van to load). I haven't had to drive them much as I'm not a driver, but I've heard some people say they have a funny feel to them with you drive. They do have some flashy lights, can see them a mile away. Best thing about them in my opinion is that there is a lot more protection from scuffing and scratches to the pait, don't' have to worry about boxes messing them up.