New Years Resolutions

I was curious as to what other peoples goals are for this next year, and perhaps what our resolutions were for 2005 (and whether or not we kept them!).

For me, in 2005 I wanted to end the year working in my field, and get my business started. I am finally working , mostly as an independant contractor, as a computer technician. My business has been started, but I haven't allocated any funds towards advertising (this whole bill situation keeps coming up), but its started, and that was the goal.

In 2006 I want to make my business profitable, of course that will require advertising. In 2005 we had our first child, and since I'm not making enough money (and we STILL have bills), I'm now with Brown working the midnight shift so I can watch my kid during the day. I'm hardheaded and don't want to put her in daycare. I also want to have my AA in 2006 and resolve some financial issues, pay off some debts, and maybe get a social life.

Heres to a great, and hopefully successful, 2006 for everyone here (and elsewhere too I guess...)


I want to be moved into my new house by May 06. Take the kids to Disney in June. Grow stronger in my faith. Everything else is gravy.
We're moving out of our apartment early next year. Its more of a hope than a resolution, but I want to move into a house, or at least a residence I can count on living in for more than 12 months. It would be nice if my daughter had her own room too. Good luck on your resolutions.


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what resolutions?

DigitalCatalyst said:
I was curious as to what other peoples goals are for this next year, and perhaps what our resolutions were for 2005 (and whether or not we kept them!).
One of my 2005 resolutions was to get into a regular exercise routine and lose a few pounds. I have followed through, but it is still a struggle. I still hate every minute spent on that %$*&# elyptical trainer. Wait a minute, didn't I make more than one 2005 resolution? I'm sure that I did, but it has been conveniently forgotten...

2006 resolutions:
1. Increase my exercise routine to 1 hour, 6 days a week.
2. Get back into doing volunteer work for community service organizations.

My money is on the second one. I'm already starting to forget what that first one was...


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My present resolution will continue to be my 2006 keep that powdery white stuff out of my life as much as possible. No, I don't mean cocaine, I'm talking about sugar.


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1>give up one of my vices, one a year......anymore than that would be too stressful and probably kill me.
2>Regress to a period in my life where I have time for my friends, email or write to at least one person per week.
3>Pay more attention to my husband, instead of spending too much time on the pc, in the 3 hrs I have to myself in the evening.
4>keep in touch with the family I have left.
5>make a budget and stick to it, that includes 2 vacas a year to see my grandchildren.
6. get my 80 berlinetta Camaro back on the road in all her shining glory she deserves. And the vanity plate shall be TOONERZ
7>try to be nicer to people who dont even deserve it.


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Exercise more, and avoid bad foods. I love eating good-tasting, but not-so-healthy foods... pizza, hot buttered toast, chocolate, pot pies... I need to become a veggie addict. And drink more water... I was having kidney problems because I was letting myself get dehydrated!