New York Attorney General Sues FedEx Over Delivery Driver Classification

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    New York Attorney General Sues FedEx Over Delivery Driver Classification - Bloomberg

    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo sued FedEx Corp. in state court yesterday saying the delivery company improperly classifies ground delivery drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.

    In the suit, filed in New York’s Supreme Court, Cuomo said the company’s FedEx Home Delivery service classifying its drivers as contractors rather than employees fails “to provide its drivers the rights” afforded other employees and does not comply with the state’s labor laws.

    The contractor model gives FedEx’s Ground unit a cost advantage of as much as 30 percent over rival United Parcel Service Inc., University of Pittsburgh business professor Marick Masters has estimated.

    “FedEx has the power to control, and does in fact control, almost all aspects of its drivers’ work,” including “hours, job duties, routes, and even clothing,” Cuomo said in the filing. “The drivers are clearly perceived by the public to be employees.”
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    ISP nation-wide! Thank-you American court system.
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    Yep. The AG's want their money, and then Fred gets his way with the ISP. You'd better buy some bigger trucks bbsam!
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    Just waiting for the bank to call back with the financing. Nice to see the company's catching up with me!:happy-very: