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    Hello everyone, I just got hired as a preloader last week and I was just wandering who to talk to or what to do if I want to switch to unloading section? We got an interview and a tour 2 months ago, and was oriented with unloading and didn't say anything about the pre-load. I'm still confused with all those route number, shelves, irregs, hazmat packages and the pt supervisor already gave me 4 trucks to load in and needs to finish it. I was expecting to be an unloader so if by any chance, can I talk to someone for this matter?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome Black tempura.

    From past experience of watching this section of the lake, sometimes nobody bites the hook (responds to the post) when the line is dropped here. You may want to paste what you wrote and copy it in a new thread in the ups discussion thread where there are a lot of fish milling about. I don't have the expertise to answer your question.
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    Okay. thanks.