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    Hey guys, I dont work for UPS but I'm thinking about applying to be a package handler. I'm 22 and recently got laid off from my full time job. I'd like to get another full time job but with UPS. (Preferably a Driver). What do you guys recommend I do to move up faster? My last job was fixing computers for about 5 years.
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    You will not walk in to a FT job here at UPS. You will start PT with a weekly guarantee of 17.5 hours and will start at $8.50/hr. You will not get benefits for a year. This will not replace what you were making at your FT job so you will need to get a 2nd job. If your goal is to become a driver someday than your best bet is to start PT. Advancement within UPS at the hourly level is purely by seniority. The time that it will take you to become a driver will vary depending upon a lot of factors.