Next contract top rate [on topic]


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I think the top rate down should be split equally. The runner gunner running 200 stops should get as much as the 200 clicks over draggers at 70 stops. :upssmiley:The narcissistic draggers that throw other drivers under the bus don't deserve more for just knowing how to repeat a route over and over. It's not rocket science. It's just repetition.
Prove me wrong. It's just a scam for narcissist to feel better about themselves as they point fingers at other drivers saying "look over there at that guy. Don't look at me I'm union strong" Yet, they throw other drivers under the bus when they can about anything possible: like a scab getting out of a picket line to work.

You earn a 70 stop route after doing the 200 stop route for years. That’s how it works. Don’t be mad, you’ll get your turn one day.


Doesn’t play well with others…
And tattooed