No card shown on time card viewer on UPSers.


A lot of us who are scheduled off on Friday worked because we were mandatory. Our time card said "No Card" and we were not paid for the day. The Supervisor submitted the pay request but it won't make it on this pay period. Sucks
Oh so I am not the only one? I also work days btw.


Nothing to see here.... Move along.
So I called in December 17th and December 18th and I checked the opt report at work. I work in the sort btw part-time. 9 years. Friday did not show up on my opt report. But Saturday did and it said called in on Saturday. I checked on the Time card viewer on UPSers and it said No card. What does this mean?
You sure you been here 9 years?

I ask because you seem to know nothing.

Since you told this story with a bunch of unnecessary mumbo jumbo...

Might as well tell everyone why you called off...