No More New Full Time Driver Jobs

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  1. browned out

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    Central States Sup

    Article 3 Section 19 (summary)

    Section b

    A part time coverage driver who has worked under 900 straight time hours as part time coverage driver will be paid 16.10 an hour and continue to receive part time benefits and pension. No coverage drivers may be used if full-time employees are on layoff in the building. (Drivers in progression do not apply to this) Why would part time cover drivers get preferred treatment over employees in progression.

    900 hours = 22+ weeks at 40 hours a week. If an employee in progression completed 240 hours in the months of Jan-May or Sept to Nov. and they would gain full time rights, benefits and pension? Why can these part time coverage drivers work 89 days in a row or more and still not be given full time status?

    These part time coverage drivers could and will work 899 hours as part time coverage drivers in addition to their average 900 hours as part time loaders, sorters, preload, etc for a total of over 1700 hours a year yet they will still only receive part time benefits and pension.

    Now a driver in progression could have 59 days in and the 60th day could and will be given to a part-time coverage driver to fill a single vacation day or help a driver or drivers finish their work if they can't.

    I wonder if UPS will take every possible step to keep using the $16.10 part time benifet part time pension driver or the driver in progression who will make 28.00 an hour.

    Drivers will be stuck in progression for god only knows how long.
  2. browned out

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    How can a part time coverage driver work 899 hours (16.10 an hour) in Jan Feb Mar Apr May Sept and Oct not be classified as Full-Time while a driver in progression is begging for a day or two to make full time????

    This is not what anyone asked for.
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    You are right this is not what we proposed, the Central Negotiating team came up with this crap. We wanted to be dispatched with a route that you could deliver at a normal pace, take a lucnh and breaks and be able to attend family functions after work. Sick days to be used and not suffer any loss of pay. They think that if they throw $$$ at us we will take it and shut up, well with these $16.00 per hr drivers who will never be able to go F/T, I hope at least in the Central that every UPSer who wants a F/T position has the smarts enough to vote NO on the Cenrtal!!
  4. kingOFchester

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    • WOW......I mean wow!!
    Me thinks Central is getting f'd
    Imagine the hub rat working x years in hopes to go full time.

    hate to say it, but glad I am not part of that deal.
  5. team player

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    Hey King if this passes in the Central where do you think Big Brown is going to try it next? East And West. Hopefully their is enough people in the Central who see the writing on the wall and vote this SH!! down.
  6. browned out

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    Lets hope so or before you know it we will have part time drivers delivering with year round helpers. The sh t keeps rolling down hill. We have to stop it.
  7. kingOFchester

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    True................sad, but true.
  8. edd_tv

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    this blows
    what if you are a cover driver in progression now? do you have to start over?
  9. Griff

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    Don't count on people reading and actually understanding the language. Even if they do understand it, some people are willing to sell everyone down the river for a few bucks. Just look at how many brainiacs voted yes to this piece of garbage.
  10. Damok

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    I humbly bow to your obvious genius, deep understanding of this contract and how it will affect us and your willingness to listen to ideas and people that do not agree with you.

    No wait....
  11. Griff

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    Instead of acting like Tiequeen jr, why don't you list the reasons for voting yes to this contract. Excuse me for actually caring about what river I'm being sold down by people who can't see the big picture. Nothing in this contract impresses me, it's a complete step backward in my eyes. So please tow the company line and tell me how this contract is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Also what "ideas" is there to agree or disagree on, we are talking about a written contract here. There is no speculation or opinion, it is what it is, you either care about unchanged weak terrible language and blatant concessions or you don't.
  12. Damok

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    You sure are a testy one. There is nothing I or anyone else here could tell you.. or repeat to you for that matter, that would make a difference. If I told you the sky was blue you would say it's pink. If you had bothered to read the threads and follow the many discussions there have been you would see that people aren't saying this contract "is the best thing since sliced bread" - you're operating under a false assumption for some reason. No amount of discussion will be able to pry open your tightly closed mind and that is unfortunate.

    Why is it that anyone who disagrees with you is towing the company line or as you so eloquently put it acts like Tiequeen Jr.?
  13. Griff

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    I'm operating under no assumptions. Thank you for being one of many people who refuse to state why they vote yes. Simple reasoning leads me to believe you didn't make an informed decision. I can and have clearly listed the reasons why I despise this contract. Like I said, you're either for blatant concessions or against them, there is no gray area.

    If you're going to try to explain to me why concessions are a good thing, you are TOWING THE COMPANY LINE. This is a union, we are supposed to make progress, not regress. It's criminal that we have to go through years of filing the same grievances we have been filing on under this current contract for years.
  14. satellitedriver

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    If you have been filing the same grievences for years, how will this contract be so different, to you?
    You are working under an assumption that the majority of working people of UPS think the same as you.
    Look at the vote tally, that is the sole strength of a union.
    It would be criminal, if you did not support the majority vote.
  15. Damok

    Damok Member

    Learn to go back and read previous posts... Instead of coming here and making silly statements about what I have or have not said take a moment and go look. It serves no purpose for me to repeat myself to you. If you are that interested go spend some time with the search function.

    You're obviously upset about this contract but even more upset with things going on at your location and your local. It would behoove you to deal with those problems before coming here and insulting people for their vote. If you spent half as much time and energy on those grievances you talk about as you do bashing the contract and the people that voted for it here you and your fellow Teamsters in your area might be better off.
  16. outlaw

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    I agree
  17. blue efficacy

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    The majority vote was bought and paid for, with a large amount of misleading advertising from both UPS and the Union.

    I am not surprised it passed, as many UPSers either didn't understand the contract or had no qualms about selling out Part Timers.
  18. Damok

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  19. raceanoncr

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    "...bought and paid for"? Hmmm...I don't recall getting a check in the mail swaying my vote.

    And "...selling out Part Timers"? Excuse me, but I also thought union Part Timers had the opportunity to vote, either yes or no. Correct? And it seems they far outnumber Full Timers nationwide, no?

    It appears Part Timers have sold themselves out. How? By simply not voting. Not caring. Ask them at your building, not how you voted but simply DID you vote.
  20. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Come on people! Don't try and pretend that most of the people that voted yes (in Central States anyway) even knew EXACTLY what they were voting on. It's naive to think that most of them didn't just vote yes because they saw that there were hourly increases and an improved pension. I'm willing to assume that most didn't even bother reading much of anything else. Or anything at all. I was going to vote yes but I actually took the time to read over all of the proposed changes and I decided to vote no. I'm part-time and am highly dissapointed in this contract and even more dissappointed that it will be ratified. Part-timers are getting it right in the nose this time.