Nobody wants to be pt Sup!Why?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by btrlov, Jul 8, 2010.

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    In my Hub there are 7 vacancies; just on nights.Sup have been doubling on the twi shift for weeks. ONLY TWO ppl applying, and that other person failed the ap test and is reapplying. I have finished the mapp process, but i am waiting on a sup class for a month. I have been told that the wait could be long because there are not enough applicants for a class.the salary is over 400 a me it is easy money.i already have health insurance from another job. i seen some screaming but only occasionally. Am I missing something behind the scenes. I have a degree and former military,and i cant fathom y would ppl prefer to load/unload forever. Why are ppl not applying for this job?
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    I would guess its because no one likes to be yelled at from both sides, shown no respect, given no athority to deal with any decision and have to live the life of a brownnoser to exist on a day to day basis. That was the way it was "back when". Now days I'm told its worse.
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    One reason is you will lose all your union senority.
    Another is if you are in school you have to get C's to get it paid for if you are in management. Union people just have to pass.
    Many loaders and unloaders are waiting to put in bids for better paying union jobs,
    If a person doesn't make it as a pt Sup they are just out of luck, and out of a job.

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    Well it's all what you make of it. What's your expectations coming in. If you are happy making $400 dollars a week and want some responsibility then I would say apply. It's a crappy job without many perks, but you get to telll people twice your age what to do. The union folk are followers, they stayed in the union because they just aren't mentally prepared to lead or teach. That's why we're promoting you to teach them to work safe and to "motivate" them to work harder. Always remember one thing: After you become management don't be scared to continue to do union work. There's plenty of it and every little bit helps. Ten years from now you should be encouraging other mangement people to do the union work, no matter what anybody tells you..... ITS OUR WORK, we just let them help.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I'm confused, what do you mean yelled at on both sides??
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    I think they mean, get yelled at or bitched at from the people they are supervising and get yelled at by your superiors because you are not screwing your people hard enough
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    I was a pt sup and now I am a driver....I like driving better.

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    If I caught a union employee yelling at one of my part time supervisors, I would fire them on the spot. When they got their job back I would personally make an example out of them. Part time supervisors might be low, but the union help is one knotch lower last time I checked.
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    Welcome to the real world......check again.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Are you implying that you don't have to listen to a part time supervisor??
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    where are you getting this $400/week figure from i dont think they make that much,maybe gross but not net.then subtract the benefits that they have to pay for and it goes down again.nobody wants to be a p/t sup at my building either and the reason is no salary anymore so their is no incentive,used to be a p/t sup could get out in under 5.5 and still get paid that but not any more,now they are just glorified loaders/unloaders.your idea that these idiots are leading us is absurd have you looked at these p/t sups latley ,i mean they couldnt lead flys to a pile of horse s***,in my area we run the area the p/t sup is just there for looks,we know what to do and how to make it run right.p/t sups are a joke the only way they get anything done is through the f/t sup.You want some examples of your great p/t sups here you go,last week there was a p/t sup that had put in his 2 weeks notice he was a metro unload sup,for two weeks he just sat in the center office playing on his phone,one day i told him man you got it easy he said i put in my notice so i dont give a f***,then walking out that night i saw a p/t sup through a package like a baseball about 25 feet into a trailer,some leaders.

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    When I read your comments the first thing that stands out is "i dont think they make that much." I am willing to bet thinking, is not one of your strong points, don't hurt yourself. Part time supervisors are stilled guaranteed their 27.5 hours a week. Their is an option to only pay part time sups "time worked" but it is only allowed to be used if someone is abusing the system. For example in the old system a part time supervisor could no call no show to work and still get paid. Now that can be prevented. As far as you running the area, great. That's the way it should be. Big Brown shouldn't have to pay someone to babysit you. I like your attitude after all the 22.3 jobs are eliminated you should put in for part time management. Here's another perk: You throw a package 25 feet and that part time supervisors has you out the door, he throws the package, all you can do is watch....
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    I don't have to say anything here but you are entertaining.
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    Many people view part time supervision as a dead end job. I'll go out on a limb and say many of your coworkers work at UPS because they want to be a package car driver. If you have vacation cover in your building you can easily see that only two years of that and the part time supervisor raise you get now you end up losing many times over. You can always apply for full time supervision after you become a full time union employee if that is the path you choose. Many years ago when I worked in the hub I had friends in the unload working on their graduate degrees because they had predictable hours. The bottom line is that you should not make your decisions based on what you think other people will do. Gather as much information as you can, decide the path you wish to take then take it.
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    It is IMO by far the worst job in UPS!:thumbdown
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    PT sup's take the fall for anything that goes wrong during the sort. PT sup's are the peons in the management ranks. Why do you think they're 7 openings in your hub. Asked yourself what happened to those 7 sups. Did they leave voluntary or involuntary? What was the contributing factors for them leaving.
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    No....noy implying. The minute they have something to tell me....I will listen.
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    I hope this comment is just deep rooted sarcasm and not an honest opinion based on your complete hatred of anything non-management. Aside from the few examples listed in the contract, telling a potential new PT sup to continue to do union work is grounds for grievance, wether you give a crap or not, supervisors doing union work whenever they feel like it is a contract violation and is unjustified. If workers arent willing to pick up the pace then let the supes bring the issue up with management, and if the workers just have too much work then let them speak with management about their excessive work load, instead of having PT sups step in whenever they feel the need. What I'm trying to say is PT sups have to stop working and the workers have to stand up for themselves if they have too much work. I haven't been around these forums for a terribly long time but I notice that no matter what the topic of conversation you always take managements side no matter what. I am not completely pro union workers nor am I anti management because I see both sides have their faults in that the workers think the management is screwing them so the workers then try to screw management, then the management sees the workers are screwing them so then management screws the workers. Its just a vicious cycle that neither side is willing to put an end to because they both want their justice. You can blame lazy workers for all the problems management has but you can also blame UPS for hiring anyone that can barely pass a 2nd grade final exam and has no motivation, plus setting expectations that are too high for what its workers are capable and willing to achieve.
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    How can people complain about supervisors doing hourly work at the same time they are complaining about having to work too many hours? I'm pretty sure the supervisor would rather not have to do hourly work.
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    You can rest assured,that ups monitors this site,and everything Mr, SOCKS says is just as entertaining to them.
    Throwing packages? UPSSOCKS needs a good TLA,
    Or maybe a tar and feathering:wink2:
    Big words from a casual employee.
    How to supplement your paper route income.
    Become a spokesperson for Jim Casey's dream.
    Sarcasm? I hope so,