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    I just finished the 30 day qualifying period and still have little things that come up during the day that i am not sure about. I need some help from the expert drivers, lol.

    1. What do you when you are prompted to enter a shipper # on a letter that contains no shipper #? That area is left blank somehow.

    2. I have been given many prior delivered packages (from businesses and resis) that the customer would like refused (RTS). Problem is they have no return label (has the original ups label) Should i re-sheet them as refused and take them to the clerk station? deny them?

    3. Suppose a business stop has packages for pickup that do not have a return label, but a normal ups shipping label they printed on the internet. How is that entered in the diad. I know return labels go under SplCnts

    4. Some pickups have the ups shipping book with the paper you sign. They sometimes put 5,000 under value but there is no HV sheet. Is it taken to HV clerk. Noone is there at the pickup.

    Thanks for any help
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    1. In my center I would bring it back and give it to the OMS sup.

    2. I tell them to contact the shipper and let them deal with it. In that case the shipper and customer can decide what the appropriate method would be to return it. In a case like that who is to say that the customer hasn't opened the package and stolen/damaged something. It's best the shipper deal with it and instruct the customer.

    3. I would sheet that as a unscheduled pick up.

    4. I wouldn't pick it up, if these guys leave their 5,000 HV's around without supervision than they have bigger problems than proper documentation. I've never heard of a situation like that.
  3. 1. use the shipper number that your centers customer counter has. or a letter box shipper number 910X08

    2. sheet as refused and give to clerks when you get in. clerks can find the return address from the shipper number.

    3. just enter it as one more package picked up. if they have 10 packages recorded in a pickup book or the end of day and 1 printed of the internet just enter 11 instead of 10 for your pickup
    count. and don`t scan it

    4. give the package and the pick-up sheet its recorded on to the clerks when you get in.
  4. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    1. When there is no shipper # on a manual waybill, enter 505x50. I was told this is the "UPS default" shipping #.

    2. I would re-sheet these as refused and then give them to your clerk.

    3. These are either entered as an unscheduled pickup, or if you had recieved an on-call p/u, you would enter these under the appropriate p/u in the ODS pickup screen.

    I have never encountered #4 since there are very few shippers in my city that still use those books. Hope this is any help to you.
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    Thanks for the help! makes it more clear
  6. brownmonster

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    All ARS, and internet packages are to be recorded under PPD. No unscheduled pickup. If 5000 is listed under the value in a manual book than the pick up record goes to the clerk with the pkg. The pick up record is the high value sheet. I get these often. As far as a number on the air shipping document ASD you are supposed to call the center so they can try to get you a shipper number. And when you pick one up be sure they have a number on them so you help the guy on the other end. I sheet pkgs people want refused if it's my delivery area. I have people drop them off at my pack n ship from other towns and those I just give to the clerk to RTS. All these methods are stamped with The Brownmonster's seal of approval.
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    Im surprised your on road supervisor did not cover these things with you in your training. Most of the things you mentioned occur on an every day basis.
  8. trplnkl

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    1. call the center and ask for instructions on how to handle this.
    2. The safest way is cino said, however if your center manager has a different idea then you have to deal with that. Here we make sure the package has NOT been opened, record it as a refused and give to the clerks in the evening. If it has been opened, refer to Cino's suggestion.
    3. Those are internet shippers, they have prepaid the shipping costs. Here we enter them as "unscheduled pickup", scan the packages and enter the number of packages. To verifiy if that are indeed internet shipments the will be a [​IMG]symbol in the lower right hand of the label.
    4. Treat this the same as a HV that has the computer sheet, except this one is just on the book. Int the amount and use that the same as the HV computer sheet.
  9. DS

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  10. Upslady20

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    I agree with DS on everything except the packages that people want to refuse.. If you are sure that the package has not been opened then go ahead and scan and put it in as refused and give it to the clerk at night.. if it has been opened do not pick it up and tell them to contact the shipper. IF your unsure of what to do call your center and ask what do you want me to do...
  11. brownmonster

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    Wellcome to the grey area that is UPS methods. If you don't like it, wait for a new boss.
  12. mattwtrs

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    A couple of years ago there was a change made to the no more free returns of packages to shippers. All packages being RTS'd now get charged back to the shipper. The only thing I know our clerk did is verify the contents to prevent any problems later. It's just easier to accept all packages that are refused and look like they will make it back to the shipper. I would usually tell customer I'll take care of things this time but a call tag or RS label is best.
  13. Upslady20

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    I really don't think the shipper is charged for RTS packages... who know the answer to that???
  14. mattwtrs

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    1. Ask an account executive if you have any in your building, 2. Ask Loss Prevention if have any in your building. I don't think many local management know.
  15. Baba gounj

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    1. What do you when you are prompted to enter a shipper # on a letter that contains no shipper #?
    Enter the city where the letter came from.
  16. trplnkl

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    1. What do you when you are prompted to enter a shipper # on a letter that contains no shipper #?
    Call the OMS at your center, they can usually find a shipper number, if not they can tell you what to record. Our OMS rcords all that in a book for later reference.
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    1. What do you when you are prompted to enter a shipper # on a letter that contains no shipper #? That area is left blank somehow.

    I enter ASDASD for air shipping document and keep going. 90% of the time if you contact the OMS they won't be able to come up with a shipper # anyway. A lot of letters with no shipper # were paid for by credit card or attached check.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You put the first 6 letters of the business name, if available, or the first 6 letters of the last name of the shipper, if available.
  19. trplnkl

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    I still think it is better to get instructions from the center, if nothing else than CYA.
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    Ned, hope you don't mind but Im going to throw in a question for the seasoned ones too.

    During my on car, my sup told me that I didn't have to scan any of the pkgs that belonged to the "blue sheet" on my PU route. Thats always bugged me, so I do it anyway. Do you scan the blue sheet pkgs?