NorCal Driver on workers comp, any info on Long Term disability? Tips?

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    Hello all,

    I'm a 26 year driver in California, and had my first workers comp injury about 7 months ago. My doctor requested surgery which has been denied twice so this looks like a long road. I don't recall anything in my mountain of paperwork regarding Long term disability should it go that long. I had to get an attorney to get an MRI which shows a need for surgery. I had a couple other surgeries a few years ago on other body parts that I did not claim as work related, because ups always says there is no such thing(as a repetitive injury as mine were) and I assumed I wasn't able to file them as such if I didn't have a specific injury date. Well, my attorney advised me there is such a thing, and as such I am in the process of turning those injuries/surgeries into a workers comp case. As you can imagine, UPS is crying foul.

    As far as I know by word of mouth, I will keep my health insurance for one year after my light duty at UPS ended, and my WC benefits will last 2 years. Does this sound correct?

    Are there long term benefits that I need to apply for that will kick in after the WC pay ends (should my disability last that long) ?

    Any ideas on how much that amounts to, and for how long and if there are any health insurance benefits I could apply for after my one year runs out?

    Thanks to anyone with knowledge in this area. I've been so stressed, and I just don't want any surprises.
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    Get a god lawyer for this 1 cause you know just as well as I do all your injuries are from work as they are repetition injuries. Don't back down at all. You play your cards right n have a good lawyer it might be SIANARA from this job forever lol. Back injury im taking it right?
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    No, my hands. I remember reading here that once you retire your body magically transforms to allow a painless enjoyable life. Not true, my body aches worse than ever and my joints are freezing up.

    So, do you have any experience with turning a previous non-work reported injury over to WC once you realized it was possible?

    The hardest thing for me is all the years of stupid hard 'runner' work means I did this to myself in the name of making my bosses happy. I hated anyone that told me to slow down. I had three years to go...3!! I hope I can finish but it doesn't look good.

    Now I have the pleasure of waking up, not to a surgery approval letter in my mail box, but a workers comp investigator parked out in front of my house most days. That's not right...and not how you treat an employee that management always declared one of the good ones..
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    Nah I don't but im sure somebody on here does. I got 12 years left, my running days are long gone a long time ago. Forget that running nonsense. Im praying I can even make 12 years the way my body feels sometimes lol. If I ever hurt my back I don't care 1 shiett about them, im getting paid and sticking it up their butt. Not playing games with these idiots, they don't care about me and I don't care about them. I could care less about what they think with their fakeasczz numbers lol. Wrong way to be thinking on this job. Jobs a marathon not a 40 yard dash. I could care less if I was the slowest guy in the center, kinda the attitude you have to have nowadays with the workload and volume and weight of packages. This job isn't a 25 to 30 year job anymore more like a 15 to 20 if your lucky to get through in 1 piece. Whatever you do, do your diligent homework and get a top notch lawyer team, cause your going to need it dude.
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    If someone suspicious was parked out front my house I would call the police ...
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    Yeah I have been tempted but my attorney advised me not to. I simply wave at them and take their picture, and they then leave soon after because it's stalking if I am aware of them and they stay at it. They switch the cars and people, but are easy to spot and loose when they follow me. But talk about anxiety provoking for which a worker has no recourse..
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    BUCKIN ASCZZHOLES FOR SURE lol. This is how they treat you for years of running and service lol. Aint falling into that MENTAL MANIPULATION TRAP. I already know they hate their employees, found that out a long time go lol.
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    If you already have an attorney, that would be the person to ask. You can do a lot of the research yourself. Comp laws are different in every state, so advice here may not apply to you at all.