NSN , Need apt number ... all missed now ?

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  1. GolfCart

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    My boss wanted me to sign a new form about missed boxes , RTS , refuse to sign ! Why is my hub MAKING us sheet up all other non delivery as missed ? NSN , need apt number, need directions, anything like that has to be sheeted as missed now ? 20 + yrs of driving and I do NOT know how to do my job anymore :panicsmiley:. I HATE UPS !
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    A missed package is one in which no delivery attempt was made.

    This is as stupid as sheeting an undeliverable due to a dog as missed.
  3. Indecisi0n

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    That is weird. My last center manager wanted us to sheet packages as anything under the sun except missed. I would think missed packages look a lot worse on a report than NSN but being a dumb driver what do I know?!
  4. GolfCart

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    but if I am riding up and down your street , looking for house , a delivery attempt WAS MADE ( I LOOKED ) , I wasted my time looking for house ? Why can't UPS call " A dog , a dog " and " a Cat , a cat " Why try to ALWAYS hide stuff .......... If I try to hide stuff , I loose my job !
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I don't have to work in your center and would certainly not tell you to ignore your center manager, but the proper method is to sheet the pkgs as NSN or Need Apt #, not Missed.
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    What possible upside to the company can there be to sheet up a bad address package as Missed? If the label says 123 Main St and Main St in that town starts at number 200.. then is your center manager saying this package is a missed package before it even leaves the building since you can't find a house that does not exist?

    Look I know the company can pull some weird stuff but it usually makes sense at least in the fantasy world (yes, and sometimes ONLY in the fantasy world).... this makes no sense from any standpoint so I submit there is more to the story... the center manager gets called on the carpet for missed that's why we do.

    "Need Dir".. now I always thought that meant we needed a direction indicator on the address.. i.e. package addressed to 123 Main St but needs to be 123 N Main St or 123 S Main St. Almost never used it but once I got asked about a missed and it was one such package I had sheeted as "Need Dir".. was told that "Need Dir" means we don't know where the street is and we Need Directions so we did not make an attempt so it's a Missed and gets scored as a Missed even though you used "Need Dir". Kinda like sheeting commercial stop as Closed after 1700. Turns into a Missed.

    I now sheet up such exception packages as No Such Street (there is no Main St only a North Main St and a South Main St). That works.
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  7. Covemastah

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    WORK AS DIRECTED !! When your stop count or spor is off,point out to this NIT WIT that your doing as told !! What do you expect from a company that calls a truck a "car " ??
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    Agree with "work as directed".

    Why in the world do you care how the package is sheeted? You get paid very well to search for that address, so your time is definitely not wasted.
    Do what the boss says, and cash your paycheck.
  9. bumped

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    How would you sheet need directions? That option was taken out of my centers diad years ago.
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    My hub pulls you in the office at end of year , they say " YOU had x many missed , X many late airs , X many sick days , etc ..... so that is why I care . I just HATE UPS , MY hub changes the rules every other week. What ever they want to "HIDE " for the week . Just like damaged boxes are missed ????? Thats just crazy !
  11. over9five

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    Once again, so they tell you all that crap. Who cares??? Let them have their little meeting with you. Just smile and nod your head the whole time. When they see you don't care about the toothless tiger, they'll move on to someone else.
    All those things you mentioned are their problems, not yours. Don't make them yours!!!
  12. GolfCart

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    Most of the time I do laugh it them . I do always say " Its YOUR fault NOT MINE ! "
  13. Richard Harrow

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    Work as directed, don't sign your name to anything.
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    Sheeting packages as missed is just going get your center manager in a lot of hot water. I would wad sheet everything as missed throw behind driver seat. Repeat tomorrow. If its sheeted as missed it doesn't need to go to the clerk for an address look up.

    Also sheeting everything as missed will start costing the company money when shippers start to request a refund.

    On more positive note you won't ever have any G2's if you sheet everything as missed.
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  15. Jackburton

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    As Over said, sheet as instructed and move on. Let them worry about the repercussions of thier decsions, you worry about the next stop.
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    Speaking of "need directions".. I would use this usually when I was unable to locate a certain street for whatever reason. Say it was "Center" street in "Anytown". We had a clerk who would say, "There is a "Center" street in "Anothertown", and redirect it there.

    OVERBOARD Active Member

    The clerk is working way to many hours so they where told cut the clerks hours. In my center if sheet a pkg NSN, I get a message with the correct add Then told to go back and DEL
  18. GolfCart

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    Same here , so I told my clerk that management is STEALING from YOU ! SO she made a few phone calls and that stopped .
  19. Anonymous 10

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    Bingo we have a winner. This is their company not ours. We work here they are (were ha ha ) partners. Get this through your thick sculls. This kind of crap just doesn't matter WORK AS DIRECTED and for those hi want to say its your company also. Wake up it never was and it never will be
  20. brownmonster

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    This policy seems eerily like we are trying to go the extra mile to provide service. There is no reason, with all of our technology and cell phones, to ever sheet a package "need directions". Someone in your Center knows where it is.