Obama The Joker!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Be careful, someone might report you to the national snitch line.
    They could try to link you to this art.

    An all out manhunt is on for this wonderfully creative person.
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    Gotta new avatar!
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    I'm surprised Aboy has not been screaming racist?
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    Teabaggers, Birthers, Ditto Heads, Fox'ers and Fringers....enjoy the moment....Bama Bashers beware, while the best your braintrust can come up with is townhall rally blowhards, envoking Nazi Germany/Hitler comparisons to our President, and witty Obama joker pictures with catchy phrases, maybe this is what the Doctor ordered to wake up splineless Democrats and start shoving fillerbuster proof legislation shoved down Rep/Con extremists throats. The on-going process of cleaning up the mess these jokers of the last adm left behind, and the behavior of their minority ridden sour-pus, sore-loser supporters are showing these days, the hell with bi-partisinship politics.....Your idealogy and policies failed and lost it's grip on power in 2008. May I remind the Bama Bashers, their are millions of more people, who believe the real jokers are the supporters who worship "The Party of NO", the GOP. :no_flames:
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    So lets say this healthcare reform does pass, since I'm now paying for someone else's care, then I demand that you follow my rules.
    As my pa used to say, if your feet are under my dinner table then you follow my law.
    No use of any tobacco products, no more than 6 alcoholic drinks per week, no tattoos, no sex until marriage, you will go to Church every Sunday, you will drive a subcompact car, you will get a job, no drugs at all, no wild sports, you will be clean shaven , you will have a neat appearence, you will show respect towards your elders, you will volunteer to help the elderly / handicapped, no motorcycling riding, no hang gliding, no jetskis, no skido, you will run 10 miles everyweek, you will ride a bike whenever possible, no junk foods only organically grown, no energy drinks, 1 cup of coffee a day, no video games you will be reading books,tv off at 9pm, you will wakeup at 6am daily .
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    Great point. Once we tax one group of people to pay for the healthcare of another does the group paying have the right to demand the recieving group practices good health habits.
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    I totally agree. If Im taking care of you, you follow my rules. And you do not spend my dollars on cigs and alcohol etc. You cant use drugs and expect to find work. I dont buy lotto, you depending on me sure as hell should not.
    Very good post BABA.
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    You may not realize that if you pay federal income taxes, then you are already paying for someone else's healthcare. That's how Medicare, veterans care, emergency room care, and state programs are paid for. Even if you pay no state income tax, the federal government gives money to the states to support healthcare payment programs like Medicaid. So keep complaning about funding the healthcare of our senior citizens and veterans, they have carried the torch and protected Americans all these years and now as they pass the torch to the next generation, you want to throw them under the bus?....Now besides your fed income tax, I believe you guys have been enjoying your employer paying for you and your families healthcare. And I believe employers will be breathing a sigh of relief when reform is passed, rates will lower do to more overall participation creating a bigger pool and creating advantagous competition resulting in lowering costs for all. Life is good, except for the profit gains of the multi multi million dollar profit hungry Ins/Rx CEO's and high level Execs......

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    Don't start on socialist health care anymore. It might upset the thin skinned liberals and they might attack you and someone might record it on their cell phone and put it on YouTube. Then you'll be branded a "tea bagger" and accuse you of being part of a "mob." LOL! Liberals are getting worse than I thought.
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    To be fair, this is Bush as the Joker.

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    When I look in his eyes, I see Boris Karloff !!! :happy-very: