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    So when will our warmonger president start bombing Syria? He says he does not need congress approval and just does what he wants. The nickname O-Bomba fits well...

    Obama Overrules Lawyers on Libya

    President Obama decided he had the legal authority to continue the U.S. military campaign in Libya without congressional approval over the objections of Justice Department and Pentagon lawyers, according to The New York Times.

    Instead, the president sided with other senior administration lawyers who said that continuing U.S. participation in the air operations against the regime of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi did not constitute "hostilities," triggering the need for Congressional permission under the War Powers Resolution, the New York Times reported in its online edition Friday night.

    Among those reported to support the president's action were White House counsel Robert Bauer and State Department legal adviser Harold H. Koh, the paper said. Those opposed included Pentagon General Counsel Jeh C. Johnson and acting head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel Caroline D. Krass.

    One issue was reported to be whether firing missiles from drones amounted to hostilities.

    Presidents can ignore the advice of the Office of Legal Counsel, but rarely do so, the newspaper reported.
    The 1973 law prohibits the military from being involved in actions for more than 60 days without congressional authorization, plus a 30-day extension. The 60-day deadline passed last month with the White House saying it is in compliance with the law. The 90-day mark is Sunday.

    Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that he found it "interesting that in early April the president touted the Office of Legal Counsel's legal opinion on actions in Libya, and now that the opinion doesn't fit his agenda, he chooses to ignore them."
    "If dropping bombs and firing missiles on military installations are not hostilities, I don't know what is," he said. "The president's actions on Libya are nothing short of bizarre."

    White House chief spokesman Jay Carney addressed the internal debate over the resolution at his briefing Thursday.
    He said "there was a robust process through which the president received the advice he relied on in determining the application" of the War Powers Resolution.
    He noted the resolution has been subject to intense debate since it was first enacted in 1973.

    "We are not going to get into the internal process by which the president receives legal advice," Carney said. "It should come as no surprise that there would be some disagreements, even within an administration, regarding the application of a statute that is nearly 40 years old to a unique and evolving conflict. Those disagreements are ordinary and healthy."

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    Obama rejects top lawyers' legal views on Libya - Salon

    In The New York Times this morning, Scott Shane describes the still-escalating war on whistleblowers being waged by the Obama administration, including the press-freedom-threatening prosecution of WikiLeaks. As sysprog astutely observes in comments: "if the Administration and Congress are successful in squelching the publication of secrets, that may prevent future scoops like today's by Charlie Savage."

    That, of course, is precisely the point of this war: to suffocate one of the only remaining avenues for learning what the government actually does, as opposed to what they want the public to believe they do. As Thomas Jefferson long ago observed: avenues of disclosure are "the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions."
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    Lucy, if the USA can`t hold up to obligations when the UN and Nato asked for other countries to join and help a crisis, then please tell your FOX news People that Americans want to be free of Nato and the UN and quit.

    As far as Libya, same thing, you are to used of a President going on it`s own into wars.
    Obama will wait for the UN and Nato, (and perhaps even the Aribac Nations), to decide what to do with Syria and Yemen.

    I can`t care less if the US wants to be involved in freeing people from being executed in their own countries or not.
    Maybe now, it`s a good time to dismantle the US military to a huge degree, since if you don`t want to be part of Nato or the UN, you really don`t need a big military anymore ?
    Just use what you need for self defense, (on your own territory), that's all.
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    Do you suppose he wears that nobel peace prize strung around his neck ??
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    How many times did Saddam reject the UN demands before Bush invaded, now compare that number to bhos ?

    I recall that the Dems won the 2006 elections on the platform of "we need to end these wars ", kinda weird given that they did nothing. And today they still do nothing.
  6. klein

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    The UN did not call for war actions against Saddam ! So, Bush did it alone, with his buddy Blair, and the 48 native reservation nations, he paid $1 Billion each or more just to get a signature that they supported his war.
    Even the Nato countries didn't agree with the invasion of Iraq !

    Huge difference "buddy " !!!
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    how many times did saddam kick the UN inspectors out ?

    And have you heard that the current leader of IraQ had some US congressmen kicked out just because they asked when the USA could be receiving a payback check ?
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    I thought it took approval of congress to declare a war......the pres. can't do it alone.
  9. klein

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    I can't help your complicated "going to war" procedures.
    If Nato and the UN wants the USA to join, then congress seems to be against it.

    If Nato and the UN are against Military action, then the US congress is for it and goes to war on it's own.
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    Hey, don't try to back out....you said Geo. Bush declared war all by himself!! You were wrong!
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    klein just to educate you.
    The POTUS can declare a war , but Congress must fund it.
    NO funds then the POTUS has to "steal " the funds from existing military allocations, like military family housing or hospital care for wounded vets.
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    To understand the assault on Libya, you have to drill down deep to find the reasons.

    Also there is a huge push to create an African Monetary Fund that would end African States need to seek capital from the western IMF, World Bank and other fiat currency cut throat operations. This would also in effect end the Neo-Colonial control of the African continent and more important, it's vast wealth of resources well beyond just oil. Gaddafi is by no means a sweetheart by any stretch but the NATO eg US/European gangsters and their thug friends the Arab Saudis are out to maintain a monopoly/cartel system that has made them all both rich and powerful. In the case of a gold backed currency or Dinar I hope Gaddafi and the African States can in fact pull this off.

    Speaking of gold, is our own Gold Window about to be closed by Uncle Sam?
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    It's amazing to me that they had a clip of Moamar playing chess with a visiting chess champion, yet they fail to wipe him out !!!!
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    If they wiped out all of "our" enemies, these small scale petty tyrants, what would they then do, for what reason could they market this massive multi-trillion dollar industry we call the military industrial complex? For what reason would the cost and expense of our global military might be needed for? What would justify our fear thus justify a need for heroes to defend our freedom?

    The first secret to having a successful and profitable war is to always have an available enemy.

    As Cap'n Redlegs said in the movie Josey Wales, "Doin' right ain't got no end!"

    Neither does the supply of available enemies when the State's need for one to exist.

    The State's worse nightmare!
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    Ooops they did it again......................
    (CNN) — NATO expressed regret Saturday after its aircraft mistakenly struck vehicles aligned with the Libyan opposition in the key and hotly contested eastern oil city of al-Brega.
    NATO did not provide details as to how many people, if any, died or were injured in Thursday’s strike. But in a statement released Saturday, NATO admitted that its forces hit vehicles that were “part of an opposition patrol” — an incident the military alliance described as “unfortunate.”
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    "The first secret to having a succesful and profitable war is to always have an available enemy".
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    Biden's warning to Bush: Bomb Iran and face impeachment

    Sen. Joe Biden, the loquacious long-shot Democratic presidential candidate, warned President Bush Thursday that he would move for impeachment if the president unilaterally authorized a military strike against Iran.

    "The President has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran and ... if he does, as foreign relations committee chairman and former chairman of judiciary, I will move to impeach him," Biden told a crowd of about 100 potential voters at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

    Biden said he is meeting with constitutional law experts and plans to send Bush a legal memo formally outlining his warning, according to Seacoast Online, which reported his comments.

    Look out Obama Joe may get you guys impeached!:happy-very:
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  19. klein

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    So, did they find out which country did it from all of these Nato members that are particpating in the "non war" against Libya ?

    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom
    United States

    Oh, and before I forget, these are NATO / UN particpating countries, so pick-up doesn't counter act with his 49 nations against Iraq !
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    Of course Biden would do that- then he could slide in as POTUS. God help us.