Odds of a 13 year PTer getting his job back after attempted fraud?


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Zero % chance of getting his job back. He will be able to collect what little pension he is due if the Plan hasn't tanked by then but he will have to wait until he's something like 65 or 70 to collect. That being said UPS sometimes does just the opposite of what you predict.


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Seen a few get away with weekend injuries after punching in on Monday. To be honest they should have been turned in. Its hard enough trying to get a legitimate work comp claim.


Cardinal, proven dishonesty...they want to intimidate coworkers into not filing a report, by sitting people out as examples, even if it is completely unfounded, untrue and perhaps illegal

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Just an FYI, the video systems in new and retrofitted buildings is very impressive. We have monitors in our feeder office that have access to outside cameras, they can zoom in on anything and the picture remains clear.

The inside cameras are probably even better, that way they can catch people trying to steal. I assume I'm being videotaped everywhere inside and outside our hub... Maybe even in the restroom.:ninja3:


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He has a chance if the company is willing. Otherwise, if the company has the evidence, he is cooked. He did pick the right time of year depending on the rest of his record. They really need people and his immediate boss might be able to help him out.