Odds of becoming a Full-Time employee?

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    I've been working at a hub in California for about 4 months now. I was hired at the beginning of last year's peek season as a permanent employee and have no plans on leaving anytime soon.

    I was fortunate/lucky enough to be placed (from the beginning of my employment) in the 'Small Sort' of my hub. I enjoyed a lot of sideways looks and eyerolls from most people in that department with their 25-30+ years of seniority as they watched me learning the ins and outs of a department that some of them fought tooth and nail to get into. (only joking, my co-workers are damn nice.. all smiles most of the time).

    I'm a usually quiet and kept to myself, 'work first talk later' kinda guy, however i'm very outspoken and relate-able to a lot people. I understand people pretty well and it helps a lot socially. I'm currently looked at as one of the faster baggers in the department. I've gotten subtle but confirming complements from my sups as well as fellow co-workers of my hard and consistent work ethic.. which is always nice to hear and in tern just makes me want to work even harder.

    However, i've been doing my best to look for a second job that fits my commute and schedule to no avail. Part-Time hours currently just aren't cutting it when it comes to expenses.

    I recently inquired about it with HR and i was lead to this bulletin board with bid-sheets on them. They happened to be bid sheets for my very department as well, the 'Small Sort'. There were 3 or 4 separate stacks all titled the same way with tons and tons of names on them. Most with nothing by them, just their names, while some had signatures by their name. Some of these people have been there for sooo long, i looked at some of their start years and was just blown away by the seniority. I then went ahead and signed every sheet with my puny little 4 months of work time. Out of curiosity i then went back to the bulletin the very next night or the night after and all of the sheets were gone and haven't been up since.

    In conclusion the question is as stated..What do you think my odds are of becoming a Full-Time employee are? This isn't some sort of urgent matter where "I need more money now!" or anything like that. But what kind of advice can you give to a worker like me in my type of position and how i may go about becoming full time?

    P.S I've contemplated picking the brains of some of these seniority gods that i work next to, which like i said before, are pretty damn nice people and very approachable. But haven't really pried or asked any of them on any type of serious level. Thanks for your time.
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    So, what did you bid on?

    I'm not understanding

    Did you bid on a Small Sort job?
    A full time package car job?
    22.3 Combo job?
  3. TheKid99

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    And your odds of full time package handler is slim to none

    Your odds for Full time package delivery driver depends on where your center/hub is

    I heard some parts of California is a 10-20 year wait.
  4. Flight96

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    I remember at the top of the page it said 22.3 something and then as the text went on it said something akin to 'this is a bid-sheet for a full-time position in the 'Small Sort''. It happened about a month and a half ago and i've had a lot going on in my life since..So i can't really remember what it fully said. Sorry =S
  5. TheKid99

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    Don't sweat it I'm understanding you now, lol.

    Yeah you bid on a 22.3 combo job for small sort which is full time

    good luck on getting that lol
  6. You're going to have to probably wait years to get a FT position. We had a guy in my center who did it in 13 months and that was unheard of. The previous record from PT to FT was 6 years.

    By all means sign the bids, you may get lucky. But I wouldn't bank on being able to get a position.
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  7. Flight96

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    Thanks for the feedback and experience.

    Also another side question for anyone to answer:

    What are the odds of being transferred out of my current department? I'm not sure how the system works when it comes to moving people around to different departments and was curious on what the odds were of being moved around the hub due to low seniority?
  8. retiredTxfeeder

    retiredTxfeeder cap'n crunch

    Compared to some of the other jobs in the hub, I'd say you're doing alright where you are. Of course if you really want a challenge, you can always try unload or reload, especially since summer is coming up.:sunny:
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  9. Flight96

    Flight96 New Member

    Oh, trust me. I have no desire to leave my current department lol. I know how damn lucky i am to be in there and i just don't want them to tap me on the shoulder one day and yank me out lol. Was just kind of wondering what the possibility of that ACTUALLY happening is. Hahaha..

    EDIT: Side question for you about that feeder, do most hubs experience high volume for the summer..? My sups keep insisting to me that the odds of me being able to come in for extra hours this summer are really slim. Are they just bsing?
  10. retiredTxfeeder

    retiredTxfeeder cap'n crunch

    Volumn-wise, summer is usually pretty slow as far as amount of work. A lot of senior employees take their vacations in the summer, so that may mean more work because someone has to take up that slack.
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  11. Brownslave688

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    All of that text to tell us you bid on something and want to know your chances of getting it?
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  12. Flight96

    Flight96 New Member

    A mixture of not knowing the ins and outs of brown cafe or UPS in general as well as the desire to be thorough and detailed enough to be easy to understand..?


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    1 in 241.
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    Most of us who work here are just lazy, arrogant slugs only there to collect a check but as awesome as you sound, I bet they will be calling you to become a part time or better yet, FT supe pretty soon!

    I'd say stick it out, you won't regret it! Good luck out there!
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    What's up dog! Been missin everyone!
  17. Stop by and say hi.
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  19. barnyard

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    no chance. No chance at all.
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  20. PT Car Washer

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    Just about the same chances as winning the lottery. Can't win if you don't play.
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