Off the street hire, concerns with driver school.

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    I am getting hired off the street and have a few worries about driver school. mostly because I have little experience with a stick shift. I had enough to pass the road test, but am concerned about the school test. I know every facility is different but what have you experienced in road test. Note before all the off the street hate. I have worked Seasonal pre load and drivers help twice. My father has been a driver for 21 years also. I know how UPS operates but have heard horror stories about the schooling.
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    Borrow a friend's car and learn to drive a stick... or rent one.

    At drivers school we did two drives. One was on the second day and the other was on the 4th day of class. The first one was practice and the second one was graded.

    We had to say all of the depth of knowledge crap while driving down the road as they pop up. And we also had to do 45 eye movements, observations, in 2 minutes to pass the drive.

    A class mate I was riding with couldn't drive a stick... he stalled the car so many times the battery died from restarting over and over again!

    You can pass all the written tests that you want, but if you fail the drive, say bye bye.
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    Boooo off the street hire! :wink-very:
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    There won't be any hate, if you are smart enough to refrain from mocking those that had to work years for an opportunity.
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    I hear some of the best drivers are hired off the street.
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    And some of the worst.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You don't have to know how to load 'em to deliver 'em. Just sayin'.
  8. BigBeef42

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    Knowing how ups operates is half the battle.

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    Yep. I hear some places are really having trouble with off the street hires because "they have no idea what this place is like"

    Not to mention some areas can't even get enough applicants to fill the empty spots. When that happens you don't end up with a great selection to choose from.
  10. Orion Syndicate

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    UPS has a "unique" working environment, one that can break you if you can't get used to it. Its a little disturbing the part timers aren't jumping at the chance to drive. I think Fred Smith has something to do with this that diabolical bastard!

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    Bet you haven't seen one yet though.
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    Here's a instructional video. It's as easy as it looks.
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