Off the street supervisor requirements?


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What experience does someone need to become a sup off the street? We just received news that we will be getting some new sups, and none of them have any experience here at brown. They've never had to hop in a trailer and get to busting when there's 300 pieces of overflow coming for you or start unloading a feeder full of those CD boxes that constantly fall apart. This scares me because they aren't gonna have the experience that our other sups do, they started out in the trenches like the rest of us. It also aggravates me because we have plenty of PT sups, and not enough teamsters. Yet, they can hire more sups. I hope our shifts new sup is level headed enough to understand whats going on, I'm already on the verge of hittin' the road and finding alternate employment, the last thing I need is some cocky smart-aleck riding my butt during PEAK of all times :cursing: We have a pretty good team of sups now, they keep a good relationship with us, we send eachother email FWDs and pass on humorous texts, we go out after work on friday and have a brew, etc. I'm probably blowing this out of proportion, but on the other hand, it is a rather hairy situation. Oh well, if they plan on using him as a teamster replacement or he is an iron-fist ruler then I'll be utilizing that 5 bucks a week I pay to Jimmy...


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Yeah I see supes popping out of no where in my building. They tell me to do things and the manager sometimes heres them and says "He doesnt do this".


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The fact that sups are being hired off the street and not from within should be a hint that no one from within wants to be a sup and a gauge as to the state of "our" company.


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Think of it as on the job training.
You will be paid to train them, as they will be totally lost and look for a level headed person to trust in the hourly ranks. I would have fun with it, but honest at the same time. Look at it as an opportunity to help someone, just as someone probably pulled you along when you started. Teach them to relax, be analytical, and never show the stress.


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I wonder about all these outside mgmt hires. A couple of drivers at our building have "put in their letter" but no one has been promoted. Apparently, there is a battery of tests that none of them has been able to pass. Yet, between the three of them they probably have 50 years of Brown time?????


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I think you can expect to see more of this in the future. UPS is in the midst of many major changes. They are trying to truly become a public company. Most public companies hire from the street, I don't know what their hiring criteria are, but I would suspect that they at least want a college degree.

Wall street is pushing us to act and operate like other big companies. The loyalty, the partnership, the manager owner will all change as time goes on here. It's not going to be one big happy in house family anymore.

All I can say is give this person a chance. You obviously will know a whole lot more than they do initially. If they come into the job and try to be a hammer, they will not be successful.

The new CEO is no longer a UPSER that worked his way up thru the company. He is an outsider and you can expect this to be a trend.

Remember the big fish always eats the little ones!


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My advice would be to welcome this person off the street, and give him/her a chance to get familiar with UPS. Try not be judmental as this person may not be "cocky smart-aleck riding my butt"

I can say when I started as a driver in 1978, being one of a handful of female drivers, I don't know if I would have made it had it not been for the other drivers who took an interest in the "new person"

Hopefully, this person will have leadership, interpersonal skills and hopefully, previous management experience.

You sound like you've been with UPS for a while and enjoy your fellow employees, both hourly and management. Don't let a off the street supervisor hire stress you out.



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I see you guys have to deal with a cocky supervisors too huh? For me it's just one person who I almost flipped out on today..

I'm sure the hubs are all set up the same so what happen was the guy next to me dumped a crap load of UPS thin envelopes and they all started to come down to me and some got under the bar and was going to the Sup. and I was trying to push them back since he is too lazy to flip them over.

Anyways he said he wanted them in rows of two's but then some more went under the sort bar and he snapped on me saying I said rows of two not three..

So I was like screw this lets make it simple for you one friken row and be happy about it.


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"I would have fun with it...."

Oh yeah, me too!

"Ya know, the sups ALWAYS bring us coffee about now...."

"The old sup used to buy us pizza Mondays and Fridays..."