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    So such a strange coincidence of events has been occuring that has demanded me to really pay attention to something Im starting to notice as a trend all around me. Starting off first with what I saw friday night, I was trying to load these irregular bulk and awkward shaped deer antlers which were obviously for a prop. I was having a hard time putting it on to the belt because honestly the damn thing would fit onto the belt for bulks. So another unloader comes by to help just grabs it and tosses it onto the belt crushing a flat screen t.v. with obvious damage to the box. I thought to myself, man, wasnt there a better way to do it then that, this guy just didnt seem to care, I also heard his sup tell him earlyer to correctly use ladders because he wasnt going down them properly, but he just cussed at his sup jokingly, and the sup just takes it and laughs. Anyways, so today Im have some drinks with my parents, and my mom tells me you how her company quit using UPS due to that very reason, they damage so much of their packages. Then to add to it I was randomly surfing a news website and came across this *down below*. My sup even told us thursday how fedex's stock is higher then UPS, which if you ask me is reflective of higher profits am I wrong? Is this just me noticing a lack of quality? I see that sups push for production, and downtime, but when they are telling you hey just bust this truck out let the packages fall on to the belt and you see how much that drives down quality. Why wouldn't corporate see that perhaps reputation and quality at this point is more important then reaching downtime so quickly. Ultimately this seems to be driving customers away, and a bad word of mouth on the street, which really isnt good for profits, stock, etc.

    "We're just American citizens against United Parcel Service because of their abuse of the system and their customers. They ought to treat us better, because we have other options for shipping. Think USPS."
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    Look, theres always some story someone has with each service out there. Someone doesnt use UPS anymore because of this and that, and are people out there with the same story with the others. I've had a box come from my GF parnets threw usps, the box was opened, never taped up and missing 70% of its contents. The driver gave it to me and never explained anything. I know he really doesnt have to, nor was there any insurance.

    The whole reason the fedex stock value is any greater is because they lack a union. Investors are mainly conservative minded and politically. They know the motives of the union, in the nature of work and political. Its like having a blemish on your record. Not to mention the past, 1997 rings a bell.

    The time will come when fedex will strike. With a union or not, they will wake up to 10+ hour days, everyday. Poorer and poorer treatment. Unsafe conditions and the straw will break the camals back sooner or later.

    In my opinion, they all take advantage of their customers, pick your poison. Product will always end being destroyed on all sides. And people will always cry when it happens, and yet never know the nature of the beast that brought it to them.
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    I see, yea Im just trying to understand some things I've never looked at before in my life prior to working for UPS. Of course you know what they say, you usually dont notice things till your involved and everything starts coming clear. thanks orly.
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    USPS,, yeah there's a model of success...................why dont you apply there
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    let me answer for ya... CAUSE THERE GOIN UNDER har har har
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    Fed Ex stock is higher because they have fewer shares..

    Our market cap, which is the number of shares times the stock price is 73 billion. Fed Ex market cap is 29.2 billion. We have 1 billion shares of stock outstanding , Fed Ex has about 1/3 of that.

    They are not more profitable than UPS.
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    back to the OP's statement... wow, if someone does that at a FedEx building, he'd get fired! hand-to-surface is practiced in my terminal.

    I actually care for the customers' parcels & if i even see a box that looks like an accordian, i'll refuse to deliver it unless Quality Assurance repacks it in a fresh box or put an inspection sticker on it...

    I also take a few seconds if a box is not really closed up correctly by using some tape to actually secure it shut before loading it in my vehicle...

    Ground/ Home Delivery doesn't get paid by the hour, so it's a mixed bag if some drivers care about the parcels in their vans or not. eventhough i only make a fraction of what Express or UPS makes in the same time frame, i still have some standards about being the final delivery person that handles the customers' packages to their conclusions...

    some of us do work over 8 hours a day, but don't get Overtime Pay like you guys, thus inflating the company's overall profit margins (we get paid by the stop, so some will "run n gun" while someone like me will have less stops per road hour because i'll practiced what i was trained to do SAFELY; no more going over the speed limit ~ much)

    (i'm only doing this FT for the summers, then joining up during peak as an hourly employee through a temp agency, because my stops-per-road-hour sucks during the blizzards of the past years)