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    If anyone has been through the OJI process any info would be appreciated! I was injured on the job however the doctor cleared me immediately for light duty. Supervisors said light duty can only be provided for 30 days. My question is "then what?" My days are almost up and I have not been cleared to go back to full duty. I want to work but I also have to heal. Has anyone else been through this? I just want to know what the next step is.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Are you on light duty or TAW?
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    oops sorry TAW

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    I'm not much for helping union folk, but I will make an exception this time. You don't like TAW because your pay rate has dropped down to the bottom rate again. Management doesn't like TAW because injuries are always a hot topic. I would ask your FULL time supervisor to cut a deal with you. Full Duty could risk a reinjury and I am sure your safety is a personal value of your management teams. Tell the doctor you feel better, tell your supervisor you don't get an easier job for a while at your current pay rate. Everyone Wins. The only way this plan fails is if your lazy. If your lazy and a bad worker they will push you into disability.
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    Thanks for the help. I will give that a try. I would much rather be working, even at a lower pay scale.

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    No, if you are on TAW you should be at the lowest pay rate. Getting off TAW will get you back to what you were making before you were hurt..... Unless...... You are a new hire aren't you?... The TAW rate is probably what you got hired at.
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    To the best of my knowledge once the thirty days of TAW run out you should be paid whatever the workers compensation rate is for your state. Every state differs. If you have more questions contact your Teamster local
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    The next step should be to get your Safety Manager to review your injury and prognosis with YOU. They will give you the detailed info you require.

    It will depend on how much longer your injury is expected to take to heal. In some situations the TAW may be extended for a short period of time. This usually won't happen as, if you haven't been cleared 100% in a month, you more than likely will be unable to work for some time. Each injury is unique and needs to be managed case by case. Get well soon.
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    Alwaysflyin...DO NOT DO WHAT SOCKS is suggesting. First of all it is dishonest if you are not healed enough to return to full duty.

    The next thing you need to do and do ASAP is contact your states acency that controls worker's comp issues. Ask THEM what you should do and what YOUR rights are. In Texas compensation is determined by the wages you earned on average per week for a set number of weeks prior to the time you were injured, the hourly wage is irrelevant in the calculations of Temporary Income Benefits. If you are a FT driver at top pay you would have passed the maximum for TIB payments in which your TIBs would be a % of the average pay. Now, if you work TAW, you should be payed at your normal pay rate for what ever hours you work. If that is less than the TIBs (becaused of reduced hours) the TIBs will take up the slack to the maximum payment. Example: If the TIBs total $575 a week, but your TWA paycheck is only $400, you will recieve a TIB for $175.

    Of course your state may be different and your union contract could be different than mine, so you need to talk to your union business manager as well as the state WC agency.

    DO NOT LISTEN TO SOCKS... he is on record here as being a self discribed union hater and would more than likely lead you astray. Good luck to you.

    One more thing, don't put yourself in the position of letting UPS make the calls for your medical treatment. Regardless of what Socks says, you are just a warm body to help the center make their numbers, if you can do that regardless of how much pain or how much more damage you are doing to your body, that is what they will expect of you. You and YOUR doctor should be the only ones making the decision on when you return to work.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    TRPLNKL you are wrong. You do not get your normal pay rate on TAW. I know this for a fact. I would never lead anyone astray either...... But

    "Beware of false prophets they come to you in sheeps clothing but inside they are ferocious wolves."
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    You should make sure you are healed enough to do your job before returning or you may be easily re injured. After 30 days if you have seniority, you will eventually receive some form of workman's comp..When an employee of UPS is injured everybody loses...You lose income money and the company loses work comp money without any job performed...Try to get better..Ask the doctor when you are ready for physical therapy..
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    Im sorry socks but you do get normal pay for taw. they also have to offer you strait 8 hours or your average for the year mine was 9.49 however it might depend on the state you are in. I know this because I was out for 2 months last year. After TAW runs out then you are sitting at home only making a percentage of your pay plus average bonus time. But listen to what has been said make all your own calls to the doctors and the Insurance or L&I. Because I did in one day what it had taken 2 weeks to do waiting for them. Also dont come back until your damn sure you are healed all the way. My doctor left it up to me I was dumb. Felt bad because it was peak and came back on Dec 2nd. Guess what now I am sitting at home again because I re injured it. Now I dont have any more TAW left. Insurance hasnt approved the claim to reopen it Yet. So until then I cant schedule surgery and this year I dont feel so bad. Ill get back when I get back Healthy and no sooner. Working with pain sucks Idid it for way to long. Yes you will lose out on some money but youll gain more in the end if your healed and stay healthy.
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    Have you read UPS Master Contract:
    Article 14, Section 1 on Workers Compensation Claims
    Article 14, Section 2 on Temporary Alternate Work
    Article 16, Section 6 on the Family and Medical Leave act?

    You should also see your regional Supplement for additional language on the same topics.

    The Contract says, "Pay rates for TAW assignments will be as per the appropriate Supplement, Rider, Addendum, or area practice." Oddly enough, it doesn't mention anything about takeing advice from online worker-hateing trolls!
    - - - - -
    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    The type of injury is important. TAW is UPS limbo. If you are extremely well liked by management, they will take you back less than 100 percent fit. And let you complete your healing on the job. On the other hand, if you are a "radar" guy, they will do everything they can to put you out to pasture. And they will be successful. Good luck.
  15. trplnkl

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    Socks, your lying rhetoric is not going to be ignored when you are ill advising another member of this board. I have been on comp twice that I worked TAW(which, btw is simply UPS's term for light duty), I have check stubs to prove I was paid my FULL hourly wage for my TAW hours worked. I qualified my statements on what happens in my State and by my contract supplements and advised the OP to talk to HIS representitives ( The state WC board and the local union BA) to find out what his rights are. On the other hand you advised the OP to lie about his stage of recovery to "get back to work" early. So tell me...who is trying to lead this guy astray?
  16. trplnkl

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    TAW is a plan worked out between UPS and the insurance company in an attempt to lower the cost of an injury. The company pays the insurance company to provide TIBs and the price of that is way higher than even the highest paid hourly employee. If the injured works TAW, UPS at least gets someting for their money, if not it's money spent for no work preformed. A nother benefit for UPS providing TAW is that it cuts down on the lost time injuries that have to be reported to OSHA. UPS ranks very high for on job lost time injuries, and that;s not too good for UPS.
    The time limit (number of days) is set by UPS safety dept. TAW ia allowed by State law but not mandated.
    The number of hours you get on TAW is mostly determined by what the doctor will allow you to work. My Doc didn't want me working more the 4 hours per day. However if the doc allows for 8 hours per day and the company will let you work TAW they have to give you the 8 hours.
    There are so many "ins and outs" to this that it is mind staggering.
    Dagoof, you last sentence is the most important.
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    I too also received my regular rate of pay while on TAW and when past my 30 days I received the top rate of comp pay while out.

    Also this has not been mentioned and should be... contact a good workers comp attorney to find out the laws for your state.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Another thing that has not been mentioned is Supplemental Health Insurance (Aflac/Combined).
  19. trplnkl

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    Ya know UpState...that is absolutely correct. I wish I had taken out Aflac years ago, but for some reason I had the idea that they only sold coverage through company groups and that isn't correct.
    Hmmmm, since I now have lots of free time I may go to work for Aflac. LOL
  20. trplnkl

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    I don't disagree with this, but the laws can be verified without paying a lawyer. The state agency the regulates worker's comp can tell you all you need to know.