Old Supervisor fired for the lies she made up about me.

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Looks like the union helped remind UPS how much of a :censored2: this idiot was and she finally got fired. Last I saw she was "training the supervisor on local sort so he could get trained for a different shift" lmao.

I've been trolling her Twitter the last few months reminding her she lost her job for lying. There are posts on her FB of her struggling and asking people for food. Both her kids are sick right now. She would love to move back home but her dad died last year and Google shows me her mom died last month. So now she has nobody, no money, no support system, no family, no job.

I wonder if it was worth making up all the lies.

Sometimes I wonder if she goes to sleep hungry and remembers me saying, "Me losing this job means nothing, but for you, everything."

I guess this is what happens when you make up lies about men hating women and people saying things nobody in their right mind would ever say. I'm not surprised that someone with a rich culture of drug dealers and rapists acts like this.

I have photos of all my old stuff, including her han written fake write up, her "suspension declaration" aka my paid 3 friend-You days, and my "NiceGuy" incel steward signing off on it all.

Worth posting? It's kinda good I'm sure you will get a kick out of it.
The same happened to me with multiple center managers. Over a 10 year period we had 7 different managers. 4 were fired for various reasons. They loved firing drivers left & right with all the terminations being overturned at panel.

Those who don't walk a straight line eventually get the karma hammer.