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    I am employed by UPSF and we are a satellite division. No higher ups to talk to in person unless i drive 4 hours and have the day off. When time for the physical roller around I was instructed to go to the place we go for random drug testing. as it was in network. UPSF instructed me to fax them the bill and they would pay it. I faxed it at MY cost 4 times because it was not paid.

    I finally got a nasty letter from the clinic. I told the clinic to submit it to my ins co. Of course INS rejected it because it was for work. I paid it. I have asked about it when I talk to the boss that dispatches me 4 hours away and "he is always going to look into it" Yeah add that the $500 in pay and reimbursements I am still out from my first years employment before we were in the union!

    Our union steward is about an hour away and I have asked him if I should grieve it. It is plain as day in my union contract that if the physical is at their preferred provider it is paid for. Now he is telling me he is looking into it anytime I ask. I also got told it isnt a big deal and he just paid his. I shouldnt have had to pay for it!

    So where do I go from here???? This getting shorted is getting ridiculous!
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    First call human resources, let them know what happend. Ask your steward for a grievence --- griev the 4 hours because you've been very patience, and ask for the money for the dot physical. Goodluck, let us know what happends.
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    I hate to sound stupid here but how do I call human resources? The only contact number I have is for dispatch. The steward seems to think I am making a deal about nothing wanting this paid. Is it a form he sends me? I've never meet any of these people in person since we are all scattered in different zones.

    Grieve the 4 hours? I think I mis - communicated. I meant my actual Hub was 4 hours away and we only have phone contact.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to post and help me out.
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    File a grievance
  5. wayne1970

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    Can you tell me exactly how when the stewart for our zone thinks I should let it go? I dont know the proper protocol or how to begin. Yes I realize this sounds horrible for a almost 3 year employee but as a satellite zone there is no office to walk in , no one to direct me etc.
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    Do you have access to upsers.com? If so, there is a link to HR on the Life and Career page. That may be a good place to start. You should not have had to pay for your physical.
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    Yes I do! thanks so much for pointing that out. I go on there weekly to print my pay stub. I appreciate the help. I sure hope we get a terminal one day.
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    If you know what local you belong to you can just call the union hall tell them you work for UPSF and that you wish to file a grievance, but your steward is an hour away from you, so how do I go about doing this over the phone?