One Senority Date!!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by feeder, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. feeder

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    I was a part-timer who was privileged to take on a fulltime position.. I am asking all, who thinks we should be awarded a one time senority date, meaning, back to the date of hire???
  2. dannyboy

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    That would be nice, but I dont think it will ever happen. THat is why you can have a 5 year driver get laid off and replace people that were with UPS before he was ever born. Not fair, but that is the way it is!

  3. trouble1903

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    I think it should be a one time senority date. Look at what happened with the part timers going full time with the article 22.3 (combo) jobs.
    They all have the same start date, now how do you pick vacations, etc?? In my building they pulled numbers out of a hat!!
  4. feederdryver

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    I agree with the one seniority date !! Never say "never". Anything is possible if the numbers are there.
    And speaking of those Article 22.3 jobs.. many of our drivers got screwed on that one !! While they got their fulltime feeder/package driving jobs after 8/1/98 and before the arbitrator's ruling in March of 2000, they weren't awarded "backdated" seniority to 8/1/98 like the one's who got those "year one" combo jobs !! That was a crock of sh** that Hoffa allowed to happen even though I know it was brought to his attention. So now.. if any of those (year one) 22.3 people ever go into Feeders or Packages, their 8/1/98 ft seniority will dovetail above the CURRENT feeder/package drivers who went fulltime BEFORE them !! Seems like seniority doesn't mean sh** anymore !!
  5. upslocal480

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    Well, of course I think company seniority should rule because of my situation of being a part-time transfer. I'd be at the top of the list on our shift here if that were the case.[​IMG] Instead I have two seniority dates instead of one. I'd have it made sorting or working smalls every night but instead people with 2 years less experience than me get to pick between those two jobs first because they were already working there when I transfered. I think transfers should keep their seniority but not be able to bid on jobs for the first year. Or maybe something like that. Of course not everyone is going to be pleased with ANY way it is set up. I'm already 3rd on our shift after only 2 years so it's all good compared to my spot on the list where I came from. I think it was like 100th there. LOL
  6. lifer

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    i transfered for school as well---and i was lead to believe that i was keeping my seniority until i got to my new work place and the stuard pulled me aside and set me straight on a few things(and he was a real horses ass about it too)

    it got to me at first but I just bucked up and did my job---i'm a ft driver now and i am still befind three guys who have about half as much total company seriority but have more location seniority---oh well, cover driver for a couple more years anyway--Unless I get my call up to the big leagues.
  7. upslocal480

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    God I would have been pissed if that happened to me. I was perfectly clear about how my seniority was going to be affected but I moved from a hub to an "extended center" so even after losing my seniority I still knocked off AT LEAST 4 years of waiting to be a driver if I was ever to want to do that for sure. So my move could work out better. It already has saved me plenty of gas money.