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    I'm searching for some information on Ontario crashpads. I'm a Captain with ExpressJet Airlines, and starting next April, ONT will be my new base. I'm going to be commuting from OAK, so any information on Crashpads and the jumpseat policy for UPS will be very helpful, as well as the schedules for the flights. You an email me privately if you prefer.
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    I don't fly for UPS but I've never heard anything about allowing anyone other than UPS Airlines flight crew's aboard aircraft, much less a person NOT employed by UPS. I think you'd better look elsewhere for a ride. -Rocky
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    You need to follow up with your company and see what airlines you can use. I looked at your website - looks like Continental Airlines will give you a ride.
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    Are you CASS approved? Jump seating via the frieght ramp sure beats meeting the TSA boys and girls.
    Crash Pads - Flightinfo.com Hangar
    This link has crash pad info. The UPS pilots really dont hang out on this web site.
    ExpressJet is starting up operations in my home town starting in april with service to CA and $99 fares per the airport rumor mill.
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    Have you already checked this out:
    Airline Pilot Central - UPS | Cargo

    The important part:
    Call 800-228-2739 (options 4:1) to reserve a jumpseat up to 10 days prior to travel. 4 or 5 jumpseats on all aircraft. CASS participant.

    5X and XE are CASS participants. Should be able to commute if needed....surely beats letting the TSA hacks fondle with you. :lol:
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    We carried passengers from 1997-2001.