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    I was wondering what the procedure was for using your option days...I have a personal matter to deal with on Monday...told the sup last monday i was taking one of my option days and he said forget it because he short on drivers..I told him staffing aND and the fact ups will not train more drivers is not my problem...if the sup can tell you when you can take your option days how is it a option?
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    Depends on where you are seniority wise. At my center they have to give 2 option days everyday. If your third on the list as far as seniority goes he has the right to deny you. In my center you must also put your request in 8 days in advance.
  3. tourists24

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    Please read the contract.... it has the exact language you need to see
  4. cachsux

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    7 drivers a day here. Requested 7 days in advance but they will help out those who have something come up.
  5. Covemastah

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    Lesson learned here !!!! If its that important,don't ask for it ,,CALL IN !!!
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    What if (like tonight) I don't feel like working, but it's not that important?
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    I always tell them the "option" is whether you pay me.
    Either way I won't be here.
  8. Covemastah

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    A night on REDTUBE can't be that important !!!
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    The key word is "option". It's YOUR "option" when you use it. It is not the company's "option". As stated before check you language, or with a steward or agent. Don't feel bad if they are "shorthanded". Ask yourself when are they NOT shorthanded?

    In my region all that is required is a 1 hour notice prior to start time. No scheduling or approval needed. Enjoy your day, you have earned it.
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    I hate to admit I had to Google that....!
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    call in that morning, say your not feeling well and use a option day, i have never understood the concept to deny a option day request, management is jut setting themselves up to receive morning call in surprises...they should plan in advance
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    Your management team sucks. I asked my boss Thursday how staffing was for Friday and if I could have the day off to spend with my family and go to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. He told me to call in to check in the AM. Got up at my normal time and called in and the OMS told me I was already scheduled off and to call back at 700 just to make sure. 700 came and it was a done deal.

    And if you are to call in and they question you why you need it off do as I do and tell them, "The company grants me x amount of days to use for my own purposes and today I am choosing to use one of them." Conversation over.
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    BANG IN !!!
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    I only need about six minutes of REDTUBE.
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    I only need about six minutes of REDTUBE. I guess I'm not as romantic as you.
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    you beat me by 3 minutes !! lol
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    They give us Crap sometimes ...... So I went to the powers and told them I need a day to sit in the yard and drink beer, and I don't care you choose the day.....

    I got off that day :-)

    Ok it helps if your #5 in the center...
  18. cachsux

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    So after 5 hours of it..........................?

    Pornhub has more variety for the connoisseur.
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    One hour notice where I am at as well. I love it!
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    So what do you do if at 0700 they said "We need you to come in". Then you tell your family "sorry"????

    Your management team sucks, too! Call and check in the AM my butt! Tell me now, fool!