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    Myself and another steward just spent a month working for the teamsters to get information into the hands of Fed Ex drivers so they can make an INFORMED decision on there future. The first week and a half went well. FedEx drivers would take 2 minutes out of there day to be cordial and at least hear us out and ask questions. After this all hell broke loose. FedEx management switched trucks ot on the staff, they followed them on road, and we where told that reprimands where being handed out to drivers caught talking to us. If theres nothing to be gained by joining the Teamsters, then why the hell is FedEx management running scared? This week the union busters where in town and actually following my fellow steward and myself. I pulled up next to a FedEx truck and they promptly parked beside me. I went right over to there car and handed them the information packets we where distributing. The one guy takes his and crumples it up and throws it back at me. I catch it and ask what the hell are you so scared of if your drivers organize? What are you hiding? They promply peeled out of the lot and away. I did notice the other fellow put his info into his shirt pocket *LOL* To make a long story short, to late, all we want to do is get the information into FedEx employee's hands so THEY can make an INFORMED decision. Ultimately the choice is theirs. If you go to there are a couple of video's as well as a qestion area where you can ask, and have answered, any questions you may have with regard to unionizing. I don't know about the states, but here in Canada our top rate is 24.74 per hour, our monthly pansion contribution, paid for by UPS not the drivers or teamster is due to jump from 56 bucks per month to 78, pending the new contract ratification. Also in Canada it is illegal for an employer to punish, harrass, or fire an employee for talking to a union representative with regards to organizing, yet it is happening. Any FedEx employee's wanting more information, go to the above mentioned web site, and if you want to pay your 5 bucks and get your card and need to know who to contact, send me a private message and I will put you in contact with the right person. Also for those of you sweating the union dues, they are a 100% tax write off here in Canada
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    I don't know what UPS is trying to do, instructing drivers to hand out union pamphlets to Fedex drivers, is almost criminal.
    I would refuse to do so.

    If you wanna take it that far, the hand them out to your local walmart, too. They earm much less, and have crappier hrs and bennies.

    I'm disapointed UPS would take it this far.
    If this word gets out, more loss of business for UPS.
    Because, thats a shame.
    Big shame on them !

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    Big shame UPS took it this far... Guess what dummy it's not UPS doing it. The teamsters are paying these UPS employees out of Teamster revenue to INFORM these employees. This is as big for the teamsters as it is for Big Brown.

    Read the post!!!! This a Teamster funded practice, not a company one.
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    So, your telling me UPS granted a month leave of absence, for 2 drivers, and the UPS drivers drove their own vehicles and got paid my teamsters, milage and hrs ?
    Thats a new one !
    They must be disperate !
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    Thats exactly wat happened. John you are out of the loop. You don't work for U.P.S. and have no idea whats going on. Under the bylaws of the teamster/ups agreement, the teamsters have the right to pull stewards off road to work for them if both parties agree to it.

    It' hardly an act of desperation, it's how things get done!!! Move along John you have nothing to add here.

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    Yes.. It's been going on for a long time. Not just to organize Fed-ex either. The union wiil frequently match an employee's wages to do work for the union. I don't think UPS has the right to stop this either? I had a situation once where a steward was missing work frequently for these union missions and I tried to fight it and lost.
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    Here in the usa it is also against the law to punish,harrass,terminate any employee for talking or taking info from a union,but i can tell you it happens.When i was working for my old company ,years ago,the teamsters were trying to organize them,it was a machine shop and they were freaking out big time man.this was right before i left to work for ups and i remember they had a huge meeting one day where the company showed us videos about how the union was bad and evil,blah,blah,blah,at the end of this meeting the owner of the company said if he sees anyone talking or taking info from anyone in the teamsters they would be fired.shortly after that i quit and came to work for ups,one night i decided to stop by my old job and talk to this guy i worked with,in the middle of our conversation the manager of the place comes up to me and says i must leave the property.he told me that i could be organizing for the teamsters and if i came back they would call the police and have me arrested for trespassing.
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    Before you go on the road with UPS/Teamsters, don't you think it would be more important as a Teamster to inforce your own contract with UPS, before you try it on others ?

    Who in the hell gets to take thier lunchbreak within the 4th and 6th hr there ?
    Drive along with the Airport, Devon, or the Nisku, or the Leduc runs.
    Can't do it, it's impossible !
    Be happy if you even get a lunchbreak at 6pm.

    And going to the center, then needing to take an optional day, because your truck only has 8 or 9 hrs worth of work on it, and not 11 or 12 ?
    Not getting a penny extra for showing up, only to be sent home.

    I got 16 years in with Teamsters..... but UPS teamsters are the weakest I have ever got to know !
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    The Teamsters and U.P.S. provide the guide book of rules and regulations for you to follow. It's up to YOU to follow them. If you fail to take your lunch when your supposed to, it's YOUR fault, doesn't matter how much work they load on you. Being sent home is YOUR choice. You have a voice, say no and either make them find you the proper dispatch or pay you 8 hours and SEND you home.
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    in other words ,step up to the plate and quit hiding in the dugout. i have 26 years with ups/teamsters and i can tell you this i wouldnt have made the first or last year/years without is not the boy scouts of america.
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