Our first Fatality

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by dannyboy, Jan 29, 2003.

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    FYI we have lost one of our drivers last week.

    Jerry G Adkerson, 48, a 19 year veteran employee died when he lost control of his package car on the interstate, crossed the median, and crashed head on into a tractor trailer rig. It happened in Missouri January 23. HE is survived by his mother, a son, two daughters, and several brothers and sisters. No work on whether he was wearing the seat belt, but it is doubtful it would have made a difference in this case, after veiwing the photo of the accident scene.

    My prayers go out to his family, and the coworkers he leave behind.

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    A feeder driver at the Whites Cree hub drowned recenlty during his vacation while scube diving. Sorry I don't know his name or exactly when it happened.
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    Where was he diving? I think I might have read that on the net.

    THoughts and prayers for the family.

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    upslocal480 is that Whites Creek in Tn? from there just wonder
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    Yeah Whites Creek, Tn. One of two hubs in Nashville. I don't know where exactly he was diving. Bahamas or somewhere like that.
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    Losing a friend, fellow employee or anyone else is always a sad day, no matter what the cause. I will have a good thought for the deceased and their families.

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    Man thats tough, we are on the roads alot everyday and our chances of gettin in an accident are high, anytime we lose one it hurts, my prayers go out to his family. That could have been any driver, everyone be careful and be safe, say a prayer for his family.[​IMG]