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    My normal work week is Monday thru Friday part-time employee at air department. Recently some of us signed a bid for Sunday work (just a few hours). Pay check today reflects we were paid time and a half for hours worked on Sunday not the sixth day Friday. Anyone else have this issue. Contract clearly states 6th day worked will be paid at time and a half. Of course we work more hours on Friday.
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    They paid you correctly. I have signed up for extra work on Sundays as well. Straight time M-F with Sunday as your premium day. It seems strange because it starts your work week.
  3. sortaisle

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    There is no 6th day provision in the air supplement. You were paid correctly.
  4. ellie6113

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    During peak when we have worked Saturday and Sunday following our normal work week we have been paid overtime for Saturday and then straight time for Sunday. We were told Sunday starts our work week so that is why it is straight time. They can't have it both ways. Sunday should have been double time being it is the 7th day worked. If they are telling me Sunday starts the week then that should be 1st day and Friday paid at time and a half for the 6th day.
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    If your M-F here and sign for extra work on Sun it's double time. Whatever your first scheduled day of work is #1 regardless.