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    I looked in the contract and could not seem any information pertaining to part-timers. I have worked Monday-Friday this week. I was asked to work the morning preload tomorrow and obliged. My supervisor told me it was overtime, since it would be my sixth workday for the week. But then I asked someone else, who informed me it would not be overtime unless I was over twenty two hours. What are the guidelines for part-timer overtime? Thanks.
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    I think it may depend on your local supplement. I know in our district any part timer over 5 hours will get overtime when working in the same work classification.
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    Its always been my understanding that you will get overtime after 5 hours of work on any given work day unless that day is the sixth day (overtime) or seventh day(double time) of work. When I worked doubles as a part-timer and stayed after to work another shift overtime would kick in after 5 straight time hours, but if I came in early to work a shift that shift was just overtime and my normal shift afterwards would be straight time. It may work differently in your area if your supplement has different language regarding this. Ask your shop steward if its any different.
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    In a new contract - overtime would kick in after 5 straight time hours , or after 8, if you work doubles.
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    So you worked 5 days on the preload and barely hit 22 hours? I understand that some hubs may run better than mine---- (I keep hearing about this fairy tale) and maybe you guys can process peak season volume in 4 hours, but by friday i had had 42 hours in (no jumping), then i was told i was required to report back for Sat. All in all, i believe your supervisor was correct though, a sixth report would be at OT no matter how few hours they allot you during the week.

    BTW......as UPS law superceeds Federal law as always, my crew worked another peak season with an average 8+ hours per day with ONE 10-minute break. Sweet.
  6. those 8 hour 10 minute break days suck. I feel bad for the diabetic kid i work with. dunno why he didnt die at work yet u should see the **** he eats.. mountain dew cheetos... i thought there were rules maybe my dads diabetis was way different.. anyhow...

    My great state of Wisconsin strongly recomends a 30 min unpaid lunch for persons over 18. Required for people under 18 after 6 hours worked.
    UPS as a whole makes more then the state of wisconsin as a whole probly so screw the state and their recomendations.
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    How were you required to report back for a 6th day of work? if you already worked 5 days then they should have ASKED you if you could come in. Question to preloader.
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    I think if you are under 40 hours for the week as a part-timer then a 6th day of work is straight time until after 5 hours of work or until after you go over 40 hours. does this sound right to anyone??
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    I don't normally work the preload. I work the twilight sort. My hub is not too big and peak for us was like 80,000. So during peak we averaged like four hours, and when it isn't peak we average like three.

    Sounds like UPS goes from a part-time job to a full-time job for you during peak. I got my first view of preload the other day and it is was a lot of confusion and chaos. Does that sum up the preload?
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    Confusion and Chaos... That is a good day...

    4+ hours Non Peak (4:20am till??? 8:30~9:05am)
    7+ hours the week before Christmas (2:00am till...)
    8+ hours on "PEAK DAY." (1:00am till...)
  11. LKLND3380

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    Part-time employees are defined as employees not otherwise regularly employed who when reporting to work as scheduled, shall be guaranteed a minimum of three and one half (3 1/2)hours; however, should any part time employee in the case of emergency work beyond the fifth (5th) hour, the employee shall be paid time and one half (1-1/2) for all hours worked past the fifth (5th) hours per shift.

    As I understand it:
    6th day
    IF management asks and you volunteer to work it straight time...
    IF management tells you to come in then it is time and a half

    UPS Holiday (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve Day.)
    IF management asks and you volunteer to work it straight time...
    IF management tells you to come in then it is double time
  12. preloader

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    Well, the signup sheet was up for a few days and no one signed up, therefore, they decided to volunteer the entire crew to come in for the cool 2 hours. Oh well, thats over, now im enjoying the shuffle of the closed stuff everyday (today i chose against the 8 hours+) and we will play with that for next week.

    On the positive side though, i have to admit that my management team chose fairly well on the seasonals this year by dumping the lazy and keeping the ones with a strong work ethic, although it has left us with a lot of missing bodies that im sure will soon be replaced.
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    I'm a "diabetic kid" myself, and I do consume mountain dew, and cheetos actually, on a regular basis.
    A physical job such as UPS requires that kind of garbage for the type 1 diabetic to keep his blood sugar up. Low blood sugar can lead to unconsciousness, or worse.
    Your dad probably has type 2 diabetes which is significantly different.
    Needless to say I work at UPS for the health insurance!